Indiana Jones and Crystal Skull

When we talk of Adventure movie genre we just cant ignore Indiana Jones. This superhit series from Lucas and Spielberg was certainly over the top.  It had its own signature  slapstick humor, theme music, close to death escapes, mysticism, dose of history and civilizations, chases, sword fights and lot more.

Indiana Jones is back after 19 years and more than anything else I would say this is a tribute to the entire series. It may not be the best among all but it certainly inherits all those things for which we love Indiana Jones. Like all other movies this movie too takes us with Indi to all kinds of geographical demographies mostly in forests and waterfalls. The bike ride with Indi and his son is very hilarious and so is the scene involving words of exchange between Indi and his old Girlfriend.

This time Russian’s are after a crystal skull which is believed to be possessing supernatural powers related to human brain.  Indie knows that it hold a key to an old civilization in Amazon where they finally reach after a long chase, few jumps from waterfall, attacks by killer ants. Lot of humor and usual action sequences.  The crystal skull finally reaches its destination marking the climax of movie.

The old civilization was summonsed by Gods to build a city of gold as per a legend. At the end it turns out the gold in ancient language was used to denote treasure and the treasure in this case was knowledge. The skull belonged to one of the 13 superhuman leaders of the civilization all waiting for someone to return it to its rightful owner.

Just like all other Indiana Jones movies here too we are fully engrossed worrying for the safety of Indi. Harrison Ford plays Indiana with his usual mastery over the character. Indiana comes across as same cheeky and witful person the way he was 19 years ago.

Alone special effects can make a good adventurous movie. The most important thing in an adventure movie is that its unpredictability and the viewer should feel concerned about the protagonists. This movie is fairly unpredictable to some extent and we also feel very concerned about Indiana as well.

Among all the scenes the best scene is the one in Graveyard where they go to search for a dead body. Its as thrilling and scary as it could get.

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