Walking on Mumbai Road? You might disapear.

The super efficient Mumbai Municipality is irritated with US. The US consulate has failed to admire all their work for monsoon season. May be US is jealous that they are building a statue of Shivaji bigger than that of Liberty.

The US consulate gave a advise to its citizenary that the Mumbai Muncipality sometimes keeps the manholes open , unmarked and unattended. The municipality got angry over this statement. I am unware why exactly they were angry, in my opinion they should be angry because it was responsibility of the municipality to issue this kind of warning. Us has merely reduced their work.

Like all government offices, BMC also denied that the problem exists in the first place. That is a smart strategy, deny that the problem exists and put the ball in other persons court. BMC has emailed their disappointment over the statement to US consulate. Said the Municipal commissioner Phatak. I am happy that BMC knows that system like email exists.

The US consulate however did apologize and added one line to the original statement.

“The manholes are sometimes marked by Tree Branches”

This is a tight slap on face of BMC commissioner if he has nay shame left. The Commissioan further said that only 10+ people have died till now by falling into manholes. 10+ deaths is such a small number as long as they do not belong to the family of MR. Phatak, Sharad Pawar, Or the Thakarey’s.

Mayor Shubha Raul, too, wrote to the consulate today. “I have sought an explanation for insulting Mumbai,” she said. She is probably not aware that governments duty is to protect its citizens and US is doing just that. It she who owes and explanation and not US.

They are building a 300+ feet statue of Shivaji in water and saying that it will be bigger than statue of liberty in US. While the statue of liberty marks US’s accomplishments in developing their civilization, the state of shivaji marks wastage of public funds. Shivaji was a king who fought to build a fear free maratha empire. DO our leaders think that the statue of Shivaji will scare the Smugglers coming through Sea route? Is that statue going to scare the terrorists carrying out bomb blasts in locals? Is the statue supposed to serve the purpose of some scarecrow or clown we usually see in fields?

BMC has no shame in telling only 10+ people died. This 10+ is a municipality figure. Imagine a situation. Person X falls in a man hole. Once the person goes in he gets drawn the the drainage pipe which than leads to some final destination. The sea. These pipe systems are interconnected so in which direction the body goes is uncertain. Also at some places the pipes are broken and open so its impossible to determine the location of the body.

So now the people who saw X falling may or may not bother to report it to officials. Given the way officials respond they will not bother to report. If they know X they will rather tell X’s family about it. They will report in Police and tell the BMC workers. The BMC workers are busy (anything but working). They will come and wait for the rain to go and water level to go down. Most of the times they will just wait at the other end of the pipe for the deadbody to arrive.

If the body is found the family will be so distressed that they will give some bribe to BMC workers to avoid post mortom etc etc and take away the body. So there is no official record that the body got drained. Even if such incident is reported then it means the death was caused by criminal negligence of BMC for which the police should take action against them, the DENY THE PROBLEM strategy comes handy. The BMC officials will claim that the person died himself opened the manhole and jumped into it. Or the body got drained for unknown reason and somehow reached the seavage pipe.

For proof: http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Two-persons-die-after-falling-into-a-manhole/317160/

Despite of all this there are still 10+ official deaths. Which prompts any smart Indian to think that there will be many more deaths that occur. You divide it by the total population of Mumbai and your probability of dieing such death will be negligible.

The US cares so much about its citizens in a alien country while the BMC is not bothered about its citizens in its own country.

It is a high time that the BMC and similar government bodies wake up. They can deny problem for a long time. Visit every website that published this news and check out every comment that readers wrote below. Everyone has supported US. An Indian government body doesn’t get any support from its own citizens whom it claims to represent, while a foreign institution that makes comments against India gets full support from Indians netizens. What does it mean????

NOTE: Mumbai citi’s glorious tradition does not keep count of single digit deaths. Bone fractures are to be ignored in totality. only 10+ deaths find place in official documents.

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