When it rains, it pours.

Some of my best memories are related to rainy season. When monsoon use to arrive in my village, it use to arrive in it full glory. Thunders that would break window panes, drops that would hit your body like tiny stones and winds that made coconut trees shake.

I use to walk a long way to my school with my childhood friend. I loved to get wet in rains. I loved the hot kanda-bhaji (Pakoda) that my mom would prepare in the evening.When it rained the electricity use to show its absence. Occasionally a tree or two in our Coconut plantation would fall to ground, taking down a few palm trees with it. I seemed as if the Kind has died and all his wives are being forced to go sati after him. But nature is not as cruel as mankind.

After my SSC I hardly spent any monsoons in my house. My house is of muddy walls and ordinary tiles on its roof top.  Monkeys often attacked our plantation in summer and they use to break a few tiles on their way back home. SO when it use to rain we use to realise the damage in the form of water that use to pour in.

Me, my mother and father use to gear up to handle the situation. Changing the tiles while its raining in the candle light or emergency light. And the sound of trees falling use to scare me to the core. What if a tree falls right on my house?

It was also a season of experimentation. I use to make many boats with lots of innovation in it. Boats that had sails, boats with water proofing. I once combined few wooden blocks and banana tree trunk together, put a lot of inflammable material like some kerosene, paper, timber on it, set it on fire and pushed in the river in front of our house. Many people must have wondered how fire reached the middle of the river.

Since my childhood I have a dream. A dream that is yet to realize.

There should be a big gallery to my house, I will be standing near it’s railing, it should rain heavily and the wind should blow the drops on my face. I should be holding a glass of hot Lemon Tea. In background there should be a soft music preferably a gazal by JagjitSingh. Optionally I should be accompanied by someone, someone whom I love a lot.

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