Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is an entertaining film and thats where it ends. Its not certainly a film which falls in the league of Finding Nemo or Ice Age.  There is fun and humor and some message as well but it is not the kind of film that you will remember for a long time.

Po is a lazy and fat panda. His father (a rooster) is a famous Nudle maker of the town and believes that his son’s destiny is in making his business grow. However he is not so authorative if not encouraging towards his son’s persuites. He tells his son that he will tell him the secret ingredient that he puts in the nudles to make them the best one day.

The ancient Kung Fu school which is located on top of a hill is run by an ancient Turtle. The master trainer is a red panda named Shifu.

Shifu has trained 5 warriors one of them who will eventually become the Dragon Fighter after a Ceremony that is held every 7 years. Po’s father sends Po to sell nudles in the ceremony. Po being lazy and fat cant make it on time the the doors of the school get closed. The school is located a few thousand steps above on the hill.  After the fabulous performance by the 5 warriros which include a Tigress (which i worngly guessed to be Po’s love interest), a snake, a mentis, a monkey and a Crouch.

The old turtle Oogway points to the Dragon Warrior and the Panda somehow drops right in front of the turtle. The Turl declares Po as the dragon warrior. Surprised at this decision the 5 warriors and master Shimfu tell Oogway that the Panda coming in the scene was an accident. The turtle replies “There are no accidents”.

The Panda’s Kunfu Training than beggines. It funny and sweet. How Po trys to get friendly with the 5 warriors and how he steals food. Master Shimfu’s agony.

Kung Fu PandaThe Kung Fu school awaits a trouble. On of Shimfu’s old and most beloved student turned evil Tai Lung (snow leopard) escapes the prison. While the five warriors fight with him just to find that he is too good, the Oogway turtle goes on its way to salvation. The responsibility  to save the town is on the Dragon Warrior. Shimfu than handles over the Secret piece of paper which is supposed to be read only by the dragon warrior. The secret is expected to give the dragon warrior immense power.

As the last resort Po opens the paper to find out that it just blank. Everyone realises that there is no escape now. The 5 warriors evacuate the town and go to the other parts of china. Po joins his father who is happy that his son is back to support his business.

Shimfu awais Tai Lung in the school. There is a great sequence of fight between shimfu and Tai Lung. Po’s father on other hand tells Po that its the time for him to know the secret ingredient. The secret ingredient is …. he says is nothing. There is not secret ingredient. The Success lies in believeing that you are special.

Po now realises the secret in the paper and runs back to the school. After a great rigourous fight he defeats Tai Lung to save everyone.

Sorry for the spoilers but the plot is predictable enough when you watch it.  The production values of the movie are top notch. Dialogs are indeed very funny. Even the ancient turtle Oogway delivers some real funny one liners. The central character is Po and most of the time focus is on him. Most of the laughter is because of his lazyness and fatness. The 5 warriors which I had thought will play a bigger role have not got enough footage.

Another thing I fail to understand is that how a rooster can claim to be Panda’s father ? 😦

It is likely that the kids will like it all the more than adults and I will go with 3 out of 5 for Kung Fu Panda. 

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