WALL.E : Do not miss this movie

WALL.E has already set hollywood box office on fire and it is arriving in India on 4th of August. What I have to say is that please do not miss this movie. Its just so lovable.

Buy N Large is a company that is providing every possible service to people. The company has grown so large that it eventually becomes world government. However uncontrolled consumerism leaves so much trash on earth that the earth becomes unsuitable for living. BNL has a solution for that also. They build a huge Space Cruise called Axiom and all the humans are sent on a space voyage.

Till than BNL prepares a army of Robots called WALL.E who are supposed to clean up earth and make it suitable for living. But something goes wrong, all WALL.Es get spoiled except one.

The smartness of the screenplay is that this background of the story which might sound complicated is not told initially. It get unfolded as the story progresses. WALL.E is the only robot left on earth who has been working tirelessly for 700 years. His job is just to crush the garbage and convert them into blocks and pile those blocks to build huge towers.

WALL.E the robotWALL.E has a pet cockroach who serves as the sidekick. WALL.E over years has developed some kind of sentiments. He has his own hideout where he preserves things. This things include a Rubic cube, spoons, a bulb, a television set and a movie VHS. This movie is something he watches everyday and learns things like love. His wish is to hold some one’s hand. This whole thing is so cute.

And just when you find WALL.E cute , you see the next CUTE thing in the movie. Its EVE (Extra Terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) a robot designed to search vegetation on planets.

WALL.E has a plant sapling preserved. That’s his secret.  He falls in love with EVE at the first sight. But EVE like all other women is hype. She blows up things whenever she gets excited. (Just like other women). The Chemistry between WALL.E and EVE is awesome. EVE’s swift movement goes well with WALL.E slow and mechanical movements. She is compact yet strong and WALL.E is ugly and weak. WALL.E takes her to his small room where he takes shelter from storms. It is also a place where he has kept his treasures, he shows her the movie tape and teaches her to dance, and that is when she too probably starts liking him.

EVE is a state of art machine designed with attention to beauty and elegance. She can fly. WALL.E on other hand a ordinary dirty robot who is rusting. WALL.E is damn scared of EVE bu he also tries hard to catch her hand. When she finds the plan with WALL.E she just puts is in her stomach and hibernates. WALL.E does everything to save her.

The hidden message here is that how uncontrolled consumerism can affect our environment.  People on AXIOM are happy for 700 years. They use machines for everything and that has made them ultra obbess. They use machines even to move. To talk they use vidoe conferencing even if the person is just next to them.

EVE is recovered by Axiom a space craft and WALL.E too manages to get into the space craft. He goes unnoticed to AXIOM as well.

After 700 years the captains of ships has changed. The new captain has not idea what earth is all about. Because of the plan sapling he decides to learn what earth is like and he gets surprised to know the life on earth. He decides to go back to earth but the autopilot refuses.

There is a mutiny. WALL.E on other hand releases many malfunctioning robots who go on making chaos. EVE and WALL.E have to fight out the robots and AXIOM’s autopilot to save the tree sapling. Captain too discovers that he is capable of walking and switches off the autopilot.

What happens next is worth watching.

WALL.E gives you a very pleasant experience through out and  keeps a smile on your face that lasts even after the movie is over. What is more important is that it also makes you think about a few issues. Environment is not the theme of the movie but it touches that aspect.

Somewhere in the race of life we are loosing our emotions, small gestures that denote love are important for us this is shown by metaphoric use of WALL.Es craving for holding someones hand.

The captain when listens music for the first time and when watches  movie on his computer is thrilled about earth and the possible life on earth. His autopilot tells him that Survival is not possible on earth.  The captain’s reply is the bottomline of the movie.

“I dont want to survive, I want to live. 

WALL.E is a movie not to be missed, its a movie that the whole family should go for and enjoy.

The movie has been made by Disny and Pixar. The people who gave us toy story, finding Nemo and the Incredibles.

I will give 4/5 for WALL.E

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