Life in Pune

I had strange experiences in Pune. I knew that Pune is a city of Pensioner Buddha people.

It is also a city of fake intellectuals and cunning, thick skinned politicians. Let me not count corrupt police as a Pune specialty because its everywhere the same in Maharashtra.  


An yes how can I forget the New Construction Sena and other old new Senas, brigades, sanghs, samitis etc? They all are proud of being Marathi, Punekar, etc but the Shanivarvada to Parvati the Symbols of Pune’s culture lie in ruins.The nameplates of their own house are written in bad Marathi.


I had gone to my friend’s place where we had a bekaar Pensioner uncle on the ground floor. Every time we friends came out the flat he would rush out and stare like and idiot at us. The look in his eyes was same as the look in Kantaben’s eyes in Kal Ho Na Ho.

We never eve teased his daughter or wife. We never made noise in the flat still this uncle looked worried.


While traveling by Rickshaw the driver asked us our Caste something that we friend has never pondered upon. When we said we don’t really differentiate he told us we should learn to. If he was in Goa may be we would have kicked him in teeth.


Marriage invitation cards were the most entertaining. It had a list of all the political leaders of the town who knew the families. Those leaders who were not in power or position would have designations like (Social worker) mentioned in front of their names. I heard even the order of the names mattered a lot.  People who were rivals should be put on the same level in the same row. The person in power should come in first column. Despite of this goof ups do take place and some names get omitted. Hence as a workaround a supplement is printed only with names and stapled with the invitation.

This is the Puneri Culture (aka Hypocrisy)


What about the Hang out places? Hm… there are many. One of them is Z bridge. I think this bridge was designed by some politician. Its shape is tht of letter Z and a Car like sonata is likely to get stuck in the turn. You see many people on the bridge most of the time couples. The strangest thing about these couples is most of them are boy-boy couples.


Huh no discussion about Pune can go complete without talking about various Plates that we get to see. Here is one for you.





3 thoughts on “Life in Pune

  1. I just read abt how a blogger friend loves Mumbai..and here am I reading how u hate Pune 🙂

    Is it really that Bad? except for the senas ofcourse…no wonder u find so many boy-boy couples…atleast sena would spare(may be)

  2. I dont hate Pune.
    But as new person you are likely to face some problems.
    and by the way I too love Mumbai. Its certainly better than pune.

  3. I am from mumbai, been living in pune for 2 years now. I was initially surprised at the powercuts that took place every thursdays (staying at a place called Dhankawdi or however its spelled because of college ‘Bharati Vidyapeeth’) then there were power cuts everyday and now with the CYG, the powercuts have become worse (6am-3pm). In mumbai there were no powercuts and if there were it was like once in 6 months or something. I really don’t get the logic behind “its a pride for pune to hold something like the CYG” ….a city, which is unable to take care of its own people to hold an event as this and work it at the cost of its own people, it just f**** my brains out. And if you read the newspapers you already know about the lives of the poeple living on Baner road or whatever road it is that leads to the CYG grounds. Also another thing i noticed, during the ganpati festival last year, this group came to my place, and demanded (read hafta wasooli) i pay the ‘chanda’ or they would shut down the water of the building or something. I didn’t really mind paying for it, we are indians and religion means a lot to most of us, but come on now. As for….seeing two guys (and i dont mean kids) holding hands and walking around …..its a common scene on the streets. My friend says its worse in Delhi. However it doesn’t really affect anyone unless you really pay attention to it.

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