Smartest Guy in the room

Alok went to restroom and checked his attire in the mirror. His manager’s manager (say Mr. X)  had called him in his cabin. His managers manager was known to be a high profile guy in the company. He had rose to his position in a very little time. For some unknown reason everyone feared him.

Alok had no need to worry. He was not summoned for any serious reason. It was  Mr X’s birthday and he had invited Alok on internal IM system to have a cake. Mr. X always shared such moments with his subordinates. Seldom he would even have a casual chat and would sometimes hit where it hurts the most.

It seems once a fresher told him that his hobby was gardening. Mr. X took him to the company garden asked the name (scientific name mind you) of the plants there. That fresher was clueless and was sweating like anything. This was not the end of the story. When that freshers failed to even tell the common names of the plants, Mr. X told him common names as well as scientific names of those plants.

Alok entered Mr. X’s cabin Mr. X was busy on a call. What attracted Alok’s attention was the huge book shelf in his cabin with many books.  Alok waited so he could wish Mr. X take a piece of cake and run away. A book that caught Alok’s attention was “How to be the Smartest Guy in the Room”.

Mr. X gestured  Alok to have a sit and himself went out of the cabin with his mobile. Alok feeling restless and loosing his calm got up and slowly picked that book from the shelve. He knew that if he gets caught it wouldnt be a nice scene.

He opened the book and he realised that the book really had the Mantra to be the smartest guy in the Room. 

It had a gun hidden inside it. 😀

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