Life in Pune part II

Here are some things you should remember when in Pune.

1. Always cross the road on Zebra Crossing : Not because it’s safe but you are likely to get insurance money if you come under a PMT bus or more likely a Rick.

2.  Fight with Rick for no reason: It can save you anywhere from Rs 2 to Rs 10. Thats called taking advantage of man’s guily feeling.

3. Do not argue with a bus conductor : Unless you are prepared for his insults.

4. Carry Change always: This will minimise your loss due to statements like (Chutta nahi hai sab)

5. Heavy Rains are not really heavy: Heavy rains means you just have to carry an umbrella by goan standards its just minor rain.

Note: Suresh Kalmadi is a Chief of Indian Olympic federatio, The whole pune city is full of boards congratulating his exceptional leadership that gave India a gold medal. Many of these boards do not even have mentioned Abhinav Bindra forget the photo.

2 thoughts on “Life in Pune part II

  1. Amazing site akshar. Came across your site today. i was so engrossed in it i atleast spent 3 hours reading articles specially on cricket, budget, politics and ofcourse PUNE. everything was so true and well written. hats off to you akshar.

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