Life in Pune: Part 3

Scene 1

This time we became victim of typical pune ‘direction and notice’ board. After searching for a pool parlor G.A. we started our journey to search this pool parlour.

After a lot of walk we could not figure out where exactly G.A. was located so like our previous n number of efforts to find a pool table we gave up on this as well.  As we were walking back we figured out a board which said Road to Camera Emporium.

A turn and another turn, thankfully the owner had put boards on every corner and crossroads. The way led us to slums where we could see typical scene on women fighting for tap water. We though we wont be interested in any camera emporium located in such an area. We returned cursing the owner of the camera emporium.

While returning I noticed a small piece of paper attached to the big iron board “We have moved to xyz address”. Worst this piece of paper was put on the last board one is supposed to see after following so many boards.

Scene 2

Me waiting in the line for paying the bill in Pune Central Mall (the biggest in Pune) after taking full advantage of their 50% discount on the branded items. A guy dressed in clean ironed formal came to me.

Hello Sir, I am xyz from Pune Central. After my experience in all the Malls I knew what he is gonna say. Are you salaried or business man sir? then he would praise the fact that I am earning and make me feel good about it.  Then he shows you a pamphlet with list of malls (which u have never seen or heard) and says that you will get 10% discount everywhere. The value of those membership cards is mere Rs 200 to Rs 1000.

He is explaining me and I am listening to wait for my patience to end, studying his face, I can see a hope in his eyes that I might buy his card. I interrupt to tell him “I dont think this is useful to me as I dont belong to this place”. If I say Goa he might say we do have xyz shop in goa so I say “I am from Australia”. He is dismeyed his hopes are destroyed and he moves over.

When I say Australia a few women and girls in the line (who were passive listeners to this marketing drama) turn their neck from 90-180 degrees.

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