A lot can happen over a coffee

How true is this tag line of café coffee day? Having a cup of coffee or tea with friends is celebration in itself. I would compare this to having a drink like beer or whisky together because having tea is different from having beer. Tea stimulates your gray cells unlike beer which make them sleep. Howerver thinks discussed over alcoholic are much more interesting than those discussed over a tea or coffee.

Don’t know why the world is getting complex these days. Or maybe I getting dumb to understand people and their behavior. Having a cup of tea is not as simple as just going and ordering it. Today there is a large variety of tea. Just walk into Café coffee day and you will realize that there are so many types of Tea. Afte tasting all of them you will wonder why even these kind of tastes were made. Those flavors make me go home and drink a glass full of plain regular tea.

When we started walking the hill of Sinhgad I had made plan to drink tea on top. While trekking through the jungles tiny huts came across as a surprise. Tiny mud floor nicely polished by cow dung. Three stone aligned to make fire. A copper vessel on it and a lady or old men asking whether we wanted tea or butter milk. I had not imagined that the smell and taste of this tea would be so amazing and we will even not bother to accept change after paying her more that she demanded. That was one terrific experience we had last weekend. Even one girl from our group who always drank mineral water and ate only in good restaurants did say a few words in praise of that tea.

So if you are wondering why my blog title has coffee in it here is the story.

We walked into another posh coffee shop. After looking at the menu (or rather prices) I realized that entering that shop was a mistake. As usual I ordered the cheapest item. That happened to be Expresso (god forgive me for the spelling). After taking the first sip I enquired about the rest room, just in case … I thought I will need it if I take a few more sips. Thankfully the quantity is less than one hopes in such shops. I am convinced that this coffee was invented with a sole purpose of teaching a lesson to all those who enter such big shops and order the cheapest item.

Well so learning this next day I praised the taste and odor by putting as much spice (at which I am just so good) as I can to my friends. Next day we went to pune central where my friends ordered Expresso. Now they are busy praising the taste and smell of Expresso searching for a new bakara.

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