He can save us

It is useless that we blame government for bomb blasts. It is said that deaf can hear only a bang; these people have reached beyond any possibility of redemption.

But I know one man who can save us from all this mess. The man none other than our own home minister “Shivraj Patil”. Through my top secret sources I have gather info that he has set up a secret basement in his bunglow at Shidre Budruk a small village near Nasik.

He is now going to wear his bat suite (designed by Wendell Rodriguez and Ritu Kumar) and will chase the terrorists on his Bat Bicycle (modified from Hero Cycle). However in his puplic life as home minister he will continue to give his polished statements as before but his real sacrifise as Batman will never get noticed by people. So next time if you see a man in black ridign a Bat black bicycle rember its shivraj patil.

Note: Instead of Bat Bicycle Honda had proposed him a Bat bike. However since Patil does not have a valid license he chose a cycle.

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