My thought on economy!

What exactly is a recession? Is US in a crisis? Aren’t there any economists left in World? How no one could forecast such things? For last couple of week I have been reading so many articles that described the situation in many ways. Some simple some complex and some were hilarious (try But there is a deep tragedy behind all this. Many jobs are being lost many are under pressure. Some blame it on the greed of corporate and some just blame it on politics.

Somewhere in a far off land a company goes bankrupt causing panic everywhere and suddenly we see so many layoffs happening all over in the IT industry. If it was so serious how no one forecasted it? Why id CNBC didn’t warn us about all this a month back? Why those gray pink papers didn’t talk about it with the audacity with which they should have shouted it?

I don’t know. May be I should not talk about economics now. I have lost sufficient money in stocks and can’t hope for increments this year in a job. No I have decided to invest money into farming. I have a land back in village where in I am going to plant cash crops and make bucks.

We forget the fact that money is not evil, nor earning a lot of money is bad. When we earn money we must make sure that we have a skill for which we exchanging that currency. When we pay someone we must ensure that , that person has some skills on offer. Unfortunately, in today’s world we have more of wealth gatherers than wealth creators. It is our misfortune that the poor people like us tend to blame the wealthy like Tatas and Ambani saying that the people are greedy forgetting the fact that they offered us something in return of our money. We forget people like sharad pavar and thakaray who manage to earn billions without offering us anything. We don’t really know from where that money came. Now these are the people who in reality are causing the lack of money.

When you earn money by offering your skills, the amount of money shows how superior you are to others. The mediocre people around you then start envying you. People who only gather wealth and power than start portraying you as the culprit for all bad things. See how Mamata Banerjee blames Tata. The Central government blames Tata. Forgetting the fact that Tata payed price for the land, they offered employment and promised Nano. It was the government who did not reward the farmers the just compensation; it was Mamata who played all this for the sake of politics. West Bengal lost a few thousand crores of investment and a few more thousand crores in terms of taxes and other revenues which the industry would have bought in.

I don’t understand why things are going bad in US and I am not interested in going deep into it. If we get our self into creating wealth somehow or other I am sure we can build a more superior economy. A economy that is stable and that is just for every productive individual and where wealth gatherers like our politicians won’t get even a penny.

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