Life in Pune Part 4

Last time I had posted some Typical Puneri Message boards, my puneri team mate showed me the site and I was awestruck 🙂

Now that I have settled well here in Pune and all the mediums of entertainment are now overused I got back to one of the most premitive medium. The art of drawing. With a Pencil and paper I drew the following potraits of my friends. There were some more which I cant post here as some might call them profane.

I am no artist, I have defined an engineering process for these drawings.

1. Take snap of that person

2. Use Gimp of photoshop to increase the darkness of the portion of image you ar drawing

3. Apply the threshhold. People who has studied Image Processing would know what thresh hold is. In threshhold you slect a particualtr pixel value and make all the pixels have value greater than this threshhold value as dark and other as light. Once you choose an appropriate thresh-hold value



This makes the features of one’s face strong. Its only black and white then. Take a pencil and put it on the paper. Its very simple.

Okay! I am no artist but you can write a comment criticising it as well.

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