What you meant to me.

I remember it was Independence Cup final. India was playing against Pakistan in the finals. It was Wednesday. I happned to be in Ankola in a temple where I had no access to T.V. I managed to get into the priests house and watch the match. My heart cried as Syeed Anwar took the air out of Indian bowlign attack by scoring 190+ runs.

I had never prayed to god for anything. I put all my pocketmoney into the Arpan-peti and prayed that India should win. I took 100 Pradakshina so that India wins. Whole night till the final ball I hoped that a miracle might save India. Except my favourite Rahul Dravid’s first ton there was no reason for me to get happy.

I was grown up with cricekt and 4 legends namely Sachin, Rahul, Saurav and Kumble. I participated in numerous fights on who is the best batsman; I always like Rahul.

I fought with my parents on what is more important, my exams or match on television. I always thought that india’s win was more important than my exams or even my career. For me or the shopkeeper outside my house, those were the tiny moments when we forgot all the worries of world and cared about one thing i.e India’s Victory.

I saw the entire match when Laxman and Dravid single handadly defeated Oz in their own land.

After these guy leave the scene of cricket I wont be interested in cricket any more. There wont be any eagerness in my voice when I will inquire about score (if i ask). I wont pray before putting on the tv to check is Sachin is still batting.

Thank you guys! you gave me memories that I will cherish throughout my life. In my quest to imitate you guys I learn patience from Rahul, Aggressiveness from Saurav.

Will Dhoni be the next Sachin? I dont care. records dont matter. I wont feel even 10% of what I felt about Sachin on Rahul. For me crickets ends with them

4 thoughts on “What you meant to me.

  1. Great memories of my times… Thanks for making us to remember such a great victory ever by India,,
    But u missed one person in the man in blue T-Shirts Who made this victory of Independance Cup possible…

    Remember ???????

    It was Karnetkar…….

  2. members of men in blue may change but the name and fame ogained by the master blaster,dada,the wall,jumbo wil remain always fresh with a lovingly fragnance.more dhonis,yuvrajs,shewags,gambhirs and bhajjis may come but they wil stand some foot steps down from the legends.
    may sachin play or he may not but v always love him

  3. sachin is the greatest among all players he absolute tremendous i whathin him from his 1000
    runs it was just amazing .., he can score 50,000 runs overall…… he was the god of cricket n king of kings in cricket

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