Jai Mahrashtra!

Many many years ago (seriously! this is not a stroy) in Maharashtra there were three major magazines. Amrut (which was like Readers Digest), Chitralekha (More of rogressive thoughts) and finally but not the least ‘श्री ‘.

‘श्री ‘ use to be full of News like “Abitabh var kelay kala jadu” sort of news and gossips. Interstingly the sale of this magazine was lot more that the sum of sale of all other periodicals. The thoughtful marathi people often wondered why it was so.  When a well known journalist was asked this question he said “Ours is not a modern society hence our taste is little bad, but without doubt the things will change as the technology will come into picture. With Radio and Television people will get to see things happening around the world and will eventually develop a much better taste. श्री  would probably go extinct by then.”

Years have passed by. The person who made that statement had no clue how drastically things would change. We have interenet and ‘n’ number of news channel covering everything under the sky. But he was totally wrong when he said the taste of people will improve.

श्री is still one of the largest circulated magazine and Amrut is extict. Chitralekha is alive only because it changed itself.  Its Hindi Big brother “Saras Salil” is India’s largest circulated magazine much larger than India Today or Outlook. The quality of news has not chaged at all.

I need not talk more about our Hindi/English news channels. They have become a prime target of standing comedians. Its a world where every news is a breaking news. They have popularised the words like डायन , खौफ़नाक मौत  , खुनी दरिंदा , चुडैल, तन की भूक, वासना की शिकार . It’s a common scene that schoolboys’ calling each other आंतंक का सौदागर  or वहशी हत्यारा while fightign each other.

Yesterday was a big day for India. India’s much awaited moon mission had begun. It looked as if people who made it possible did not belong to this world at all. All non-glamorous faces working for something no one cared about.  When Dr. Nayar held a press conference he was not in Armani suite nor we saw any modern secretary near him. He looked like a old school professor.

What did our news channels showed that day? Most of them were busy covering Raj thakre’s arrest farce. क्या होगा अब मुंबई का ? They were so much busy spreading his terror among the common public. Looked as if our kids will consider him to be an idol.

Some news channels did show Chandrayan mission. They were busy asking astrologer’s if this would affect the population on earth. Trying to relate Some Text of हृग्वेद  with the mssion. विज्ञानं का धर्म was the title and they showed how Scientists had performed a pooja for the success of the mission.

Things haven’t changed. Our tastes havent changed with improved technology. India still remains the country of Snake Charmer’s. Slightly improvised though.

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