Life in Pune : Part 5

My stay in Pune is extended. Just like a person even a sity has it own identity and personality. Just the way you get attached to a person one can get attached to a city or place as well.

Z-bridge is on unique location in Pune. A bridge with ‘z’ shape is a small scale wonder for its architecture. I wonder what was the purpose behind building this bridge. Whatever it may be it is the best hangout place in deccan now a days.

A bridge that is wide only enough for a two-wheeler to pass at a time in one direction. It does not have the glamour o miramar beach in Goa nor does it posses the glory of Fergusan College Road. What I like about that bridge is that the solitude you can experience there.

You can experience that cool breeze playign with you cheeks while you look at the food street spread below the bridge. The dirty river Mula-Mutha flows benethe the bridge but looks beautiful at night.

One can see huge neon light hordings of Ranka Jewellers and VAMA in front of you. The best shoppers destination Laxmi Road lies in front of you.

And when I look the Diwali celebration and rockets going in air from the Laxmi Road I remember the following lines of Kusumagraj.

नवलाख तळपती दीप विजेचे येथ
उतरली तारकादळे जणू नगरात
परि स्मरते आणिक करते व्याकुल केव्हा
त्या माजघरातिल मंद दिव्याची वात !

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