10 ways to best enjoy a vacation

Here are my 10 ideal ways to enjoy a holiday/vacation.

1. Half-asleep in a thick blanket, watching a morning music show on television. The only uncontrollable event that must occur side by side is showers of rain pouring onto the glass window just next to the bed.

2. Sitting on a armchair in the balcony, looking at the rain outside, with a favorite drink in hand (preferably hot tea), a pet sitting near my legs, and a Jagjitsingh ghazal in the background.

3. Getting wet, riding bike at full speed on a road full with overflowing water and the heaviest rain possible ever. Then entering home and drying the hair with a thick towel.

4. Sleeping on the floor, watching a B grade Hollywood movie with friends. Snacks are a must. A friend sleeping on sofa, another near the window. It really helps if there is a guy around who doesn’t understand anything of an english movie.

5. 5 continuous hours of Age of Empires on laptop with absolutely no interference.

6. Again with Full AC on, with a white blanket on, reading a thick book that talks about a subject unheard before.

7. A hot water shower for unlimited time. (Time goes too slow when you are under a hot water shower). Dont mind if you turn an entire soap cake into foam. Then come out and throw the towel out in Savariya styale. (Dont forget to keep the window closed and curtains on).

8. Travel by train through a very green land, get down on a distant unheard railway station. Stay up in a guesthouse where you are the only guest. In the evening have a walk around the fields.

9. It doesnt matter if its a hot summer day, just put on a fan that make that typical noise and sleep on the floor, right under the fan, concentrating on the noise of that fan. Feel the heat.

10. I less so less of television that watching TV alone has become a dream for me. I eagerly wait for the days when I can enjoy the smell of fresh newspaper, tea and MTV Kickass mornings. I hate to get up early usually but whenever I get up early during a vacation it just feels great.

My belief is that virtue always needs cheaper thrills. There are so many things that are known to make you comfortable and as a result of that to make you happy. However I feel the biggest enjoyment comes not by falling pray to the preached popular notions of comfort by doing something exactly opposite of those popular notions.

Sleeping on the floor, traveling far to unheard places, noisy fan, hot water shower, feeling the heat, getting up early on a holiday, these are not typical things supposed to make one happy isnt it ? But it really works for me.

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