Little Joys of Life : A list

The toughest part of my life at IIT has been of managing time. Last year I had developed the habit of preparing To-Do lists which came very handy here. By the end of the day I end up finishing only half the items on the list. I use OSMO on my Ubuntu OS to prepare these lists.

What I have realized is that even a list for a day is macro-management for a lazy bum like me. What I really need is micro-managing my time. It is not enough to figure out what I need to do the whole day but I need to figure out what I need to do in next 3 hours.

I have tried this using paper lists and I have found it very beneficial. When I have more stricter deadlines I end up wasting lesser time on things such as checking mails, playing Mafia Wars on Facebook, reading/writing blogs, Twitter etc.

I feel a need for handheld personal organizer very badly. Something that should have an alarm as well. Unfortunately my budget is too mean to buy something like that hence I am using a notebook.

But there is an immense joy in preparing this list. I am preparing a list titled
“Little Joys of Life”

  1. Reading a fresh Book

  2. Smelling a cup of hot tea (with ginger in it) on a roadside Dabhaa.

  3. Meeting an Old Crush

  4. Riding at 90kmph on a straight barren road.

  5. Helping an Old man to do something.

  6. Helping a little kid with his math

  7. Listening to “khut-khut” sound/noise of an old Ushaa fan keeping your eyes closed and trying to sleep.

  8. Waking up early morning listening to your favorite song on radio

  9. Waking up very early in the morning despite realizing that you have no work to do the whole day.

  10. Watching a B-grade movie on a winter morning, covered in a thick blanket on the bed.

  11. Winning a consolation prize in some irrelevant, insignificant competition

  12. Spending a night on Railway Platform

  13. Remembering the last time I sat under a tree with no worries in my head.

  14. Finding the remote just next to you when you want to change the channel.

I have certainly missed many. Feel free to add in comments.

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