Tughalq’s Legacy

Following is an excerpt from Wikipedia article on Tughlaq Dynasty.

The empire grew under his son and successor Muhammad bin Tughlaq, but the latter became notorious for ill-advised policy experiments such as shifting the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad and introducing copper coins without effective regulation against forgery. Tughluqi has as a result become antonym for brilliant if stubborn eccentricity in the Hindustani language.

I have always believed that the basic human instincts do not change not matter how much technological or economic progress we make. Tughalaqi is a phrase we borrow from history which is also equally applicable to most recent events such as Jaswant Singh’s expulsion from BJP or Kapil Sibbal’s plans for IITs and std. 10 examinations.

Someone says that “we need to stick to ideology”, the boss than makes a decision which sound eccentric to everyone except him. He calls it “sticking to ideology”. Jaswant Singh is thus expelled from the party. Education needs reforms. Everyone agrees. The minister than comes forward with ideas that will put even Tughalaq to shame. He calls it reforms.

The plight of Indian education system make my blood boil. A country will billion heads could have been easily converted to country with billion smart brains. if we had managed to build a good education system. Unfortunately we have made it a country with billion hungry stomachs.

Education is the foundation for any economy. Literacy rates correlate directly with economic development. In fact education is a catalyst that speeds up economic development. However if education is poor in quality and difficult in accessibility, it is the biggest bottleneck for development.

Before we speak about quality of education. We need to talk about accessibility. Amount of money spent of JEE coachings by aspirants is more that the money spent on all IITs put together. The minister now wants to give more weightage to the HSSC exams for IIT admission. HSSC exams are controlled by state boards very much prone to all sorts of corruption. But then the real problem is that, we have far few IITs. Rather IITs remain the only good colleges in India rest all are farce.

The need of time is that we need more money to be invested in education at all levels. Let us have enough schools and colleges first and then let us think about the peripheral issues. The government certainly cant invest all that. They have screwed up their treasury already. The only option left is to allow reputed corporate houses to setup and run their institutions. Still better, allow foreign universities to set up their branches here.

But such a thing will never happen. We are more concerned about “equality of outcome” rather than “equality of opportunity”. The socialist mindset is so dominet despite it’s obvious failures that no political party or leader has guts to speak against it. The current government is all set to create a Maai-Baap sarkar where people will leave on the goverment dole.

I think the deprivation of education though look like a Tughalqi system, it is an intelligent design. Depriving people of education is sure way of getting elected into office again and again despite showing poor performance. For the thrid world country like India, this strategy has worked for over 60 years.

2 thoughts on “Tughalq’s Legacy

  1. Improvisation in school curriculum, infrastructure and quality of teachers is the need of the hour. Remember some of the petty teachers we had in GEC?

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