Faith in Terror

Recent blasts in margao have spurred a discussion in society and apparently peaceful Goan society is now deliberating upon the terrorist face of religious fundamentalism. Though the reasons and culprits behind the Margao blasts are not yet known conclusively to the public, discussion such important matter never had a better time.

Society is always divided in groups why does it take something like Communism or Religious groups to indulge in violence as a mean to show their hatred? We haven’t heard yet that some anti-alcohol group planted a bomb in a pub. Mostly it’s the religious groups or some groups like Naxalites resort to violence to show their hatred towards what they call “unbelievers”.

The Motivation and The Barrier

The reason is, an ordinary Human being like me will always find it extremely difficult to reason out to myself about the moral validity of my act. Human beings always avoid activities for which they cant reason to themselves. Since I cant reason to myself that I need to explode a bomb in public I simply cant think of doing such barbaric act. And this is same for almost all human beings irrespective of their religion. A Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian human being will by nature think of this act as barbaric. The reasoning capabilities of human mind are by default a major barrier to overcome when one decides to indulge in such act. All human beings are born with this ability and hence none of us is a born terrorist, in fact all of us are born as peace lovers. This clearly indicates that statements such as “All muslims are terrorists”, “Muslims are violent by default” are nothing but illogical and invalid statements.

The difference is clearly in something that helps the individual break this natural barrier. Why we see more of Islamic terrorism is explained by the fact that Islam’s doctrine actually helps an individual to rationalize his acts of terrors. He think that it’s his virtue to explode bombs in public. It is the teaching of Islam, and a firm dogmatic beliefs in what “The Book” says helps him to commit such dastardly acts. It is the Islam that makes a Muslim more violent than anything else. And it is not only about Islam, in fact any dogmatic belief makes an Individuals rational thinking capabilities very weak.

The Secular Argument

But then listen to the arguments of the secular camp which always claims that, Islam is a religion of peace and it is the poverty, political oppression and lack of education is what makes them more prone to violence. Assuming this as true the government announces several communal schemes where banks are asked to reserve 6% loans to minorities, panels like Sachhar are set up.

But then one must ask why does the Tibetan Monks, which have been oppressed by all means, which are poor to any extent, haven’t taken up arms against China? Why don’t we see a Tibetan buddhist monk suicide bomber destroying the Chinese Embassy? Instead their leader HH Dalai Lama get peace prize for Nobel. It is because that a Buddhist will have to work very hard to reason out to himself any act of violence. They might do it when they are pushed to limits but certainly their religion certainly makes the barrier against violence much stronger as opposed to the teachings of Islam. Buddhism can be relatively termed as religion of peace not Islam.

It is also interesting to note that, not just secularist, leftist but even the right wing organizations like RSS and parties termed as “Communal” like BJP seem to reach consensus over the statement that “Islam is a religion of peace, it is only some Muslims that are violent” while the truth (though politically inconvenient) is exactly the opposite. No Muslims is different from a Hindu, it is the Islam that makes him different.

The Sanstha and The Law Enforcers

Considering a case of Margao blast where the media and government have been claiming that Sanatan Sanstha is a prime target. The claim might lack evidence, but an organization like Sanatan is more likely to indulge in such acts because of the dogmatic beliefs it has been believing and propagating. Organizations like Sanatan, have been calling their arbitrary conclusions “Scientific Spirituality”. A look at their literature will give a sufficient insight about their system of beliefs. No one can deny them a right to believe that a ghee lamp is spiritually better than oil lamp, but the logic they will use to believe it can also be a perfect foundation for the acts for which their are being suspected.

It will be naive for us to belive that the government is capable of handling such situations carefully. Because they have not really understood the problem. They say all religions are same without reading all the major teachings of those religions, they link terrorism to economic reason when it is well proven that most of the terrorists are well educated and from upper middleclass or rich families. Interested reader can refer to the latest bestseller “Superfreakonomics”. Instead the government is very likely ot suppress the matter and symptoms of the problem rather than going to the roots of it.

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