Panchatantra Story 1

As Vrushabha, the bull walked towards the only source of water in the Jungle, Karataka and Damanaka watched him carefully. Vrushabha neither had the usual rhythm in his walk nor the pride which he use to have earlier.

“Something is wrong with Vrushabha, isnt it Damanaka?” Asked Karataka.

“Why should we poke our nose into affairs that are not our concern? Haven’t you heard the story of the monkey which pulled out the wedge from the log,” asked Damanaka.

Karataka remembered the story well but he had not taken any moral out of it. He insisted that as two very diligent and alert citizens of Panchatantra forest it is their duty to find out what has happened.

Irritated Damanaka said “Haven’t you learned any lessons from previous stories I told you? Haven’t you heard what happened to Krish the Software Engineer working in a reputed software firm?”

Karataka swirled its tail in excitement while Damanaka continued to eat the peace of meat he had had stolen from Sanjeevaka the Lion King.

What Happened to Krish? Tell me Damanaka, tell me. I have heard that IIT, Call Centers and Software industry usually have action, sex and thrill packed stories. Is Krish’s story is that interesting? -Karatak’s enthu had no bounds.

“Not every one is Chetan Bhagat Karataka, we are mere Jackals in the forest, we dont have IIM-A degrees and no one will publish our stories. Besides people dont like stories with moral, but looking at you still behaving like a fool, I think there is no point in having a moral to the story. ” Damanaka’s tone was grim which put water on Karataka’s enthu but he knew that Damanaka will soon start his story.

Krish was a very ambitious engineer. He had slogged very hard to get into the so-called “Best scope” engineering stream only to realize that all streams were essentially the same and none of them enlightened him to any new knowledge. Though Krish persisted and believed that his talent would be valued once he joins the industry, he did not smoke or drink like his other friends. He cleared engineering without getting a single back and 70% aggregate.

Damanaka you need to work on your story telling. We are no more kids, unless Krish drinks cans of beer and has a girl friend who smokes how the story will generate that excitement? No Wonder panchatantra is losing to television. Its time to add masala to the story.

Damanaka however ignored Karataka’s sarcastic comments. He continued.

Krish joined a reputed company. If you are not familiar with Indian software industry Karataka let me tell you, All software companies in India are reputed. They all are number one in something or other and all of them do only challenging work and all of them are driven by innovation of very high rank. In fact reading their advertisements you will wonder where are all the companies who are doing the legacy, support and other kinds of ordinary work.

Damanaka’s face was glowing as he narrated the story. Karataka was flipping his left ear. Damanaka  lifted his right paw and scrubbed his left ear. He then continued.

Krish joined and he had to be on bench for some days. He wondered what went wrong. his fingers were all excited to type out that code which he believed will make his life seem useful to the world. He thought he will do amazing things and will soon climb the ladder. But as time passed and he was still on bench his interest started decaying. He spent most of the time in TT room and pantry. And just in case you need some spice Karataka, he also started line marofying on the tester girl in the next cubicle. Krish got more and more cynical as the higher management failed to get him billed. His anger increased as that tester girls married off to one man in higher management.

Krish began to feel victimized. He started feeling that the security guards check his bag more thoroughly when he left office. His friends on projects started avoiding him on weekend. Give me one chance oh God, and I will work very very hard and show these people what I am worth of. He suddenly felt religious.

And that day arrived. Krish got himself on a project. He told the manager that he was already familiar with the framework and hence would start giving results right from day one. Manager showed happiness over his attitude and asked him to prepare some important documents as well. Krish did his work like a honest sincere and alert employee Karataka. Just the was you felt the need to go and talk to Vrushabha.

However Krish was a bit disappointed when he saw the same documents being mailed to client the only change being that the Author’s name was changed from Krish to his Manager’s name. But Krish was sincere like you Karataka. He did not take it to heart. He knew that the manager values him. When Pappu in his team screwed up Bug no 805 and 640, he promptly fixed them staying up the whole night.

Did his manager value his work Damanaka? asked Karataka with a question mark on his face.

Yes of course. Manager’s are good at it. Everyday when the manager left at 6 pm he would visit Krish’s cubicle instruct him about what needs to be done in next four hours and gave him few words of encouragement.

When client appreciated Krish’s work manager sent all the team members and super manager an email.

“Krish has received praise from client for the work he has done. Certainly if all team members stick to the processes I have set forth, I am sure everyone can perform like Krish. It shows that our processes are spot on”.

Not everyone is as smart as me. Krish’s heart cried but he kept quite Karataka. He kept quite. He came on weekends he spent sleepless nights. He could not remember when was the last time he went out on weekend. When was the last time he read a good book on lazy Saturday afternoon. While Manager drank coffee with Pappu and Smitha, Krish worked hard.

His hard work paid off. The Bugs were reduced, deadlines were met. Client was happy. Manager praised himself, patted his own back and asked others to clap in meetings.

The day of appraisals came. With heart full of hope Krish opened his mail. He just heard that Pappu got promoted.

Stop it Damanaka. Shouted Karataka. Thats enough.

But this is the climax of the story Karataka, aren’t you interested?

No I am not. Replied Karataka. I got the moral of the story. Let’s shut our mouths and let the Bull drink his water promptly. Let us not go to find out what happened.

Moral: When you hear that appraisals happened in your ex-company,dont ping your friends and ask them what happened. Not when it’s Saturday and when they are working.


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