Subhashitam सुभाषितम

One thing I always liked about Sanskrit was this concept of Subhashitam (Good-Thoughts). There are often full of figure of speeches and sometimes even rely on sarcasm. Many even might sound contradictory. Here are some picked from this source.

भूतिर्नीचगृहेषु विप्रसदने दारिद्र्यकोलाहलः
नाशो हंत सतामसत्पथजुषामायुः शतानां शतम् |
दुर्नीतिं तव वीक्ष्य कोपदहनज्वालाजटलोऽपिसन्
किं कुर्वे जगदीश यत्पुनरहं दीनो भवानीश्वरः ||

– भामिनीमान

The bad people always have plenty. Poverty dances in the homes of people who lead a honest life. Virtuous people die early while the rogues live for hundred years. When I see such atrocities in Your creation, I get all fumed up in anger. But what can I do, I am helpless and you are all powerful.

– Bhaminimana

Now let us pick something from Manusmriti.

भद्रं भद्रमिति ब्रूयात् भद्रमित्येव वा वदेत् |
शुष्कवैरं विवादं च न कुर्यात् केनचित् सह ||

– मनुस्मृति

One must always talk auspiciously. One must not talk negatively about anybody’s endeavor. One must not quarrel just for the sake of quarreling. One must not pickup unnecessary arguments

– Manu Smriti

And on importance of revenge

पादाहतं यदुत्थाय मूर्धानमधिरोहति |
स्वस्थादेवापमानेऽपि देहिनस्तद्वरं रजः ||

– शिशुपालवध

When kicked with foot, even dust fights back and ultimately sits on top of your head. Such is its power of revenge. A person who does nothing when insulted is worse than dust.

– Shishupala Vadha,



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