Vande Mataram and Islam

It is very annoying to see that everyone around you is more happier to live in darkness despite of knowing where the light is. Or it can be other way round as well that I am in darkness and all others are in the true light. But no one so far has managed to convince me.

An organization of Muslim clerics declared that “Vande Mataram” is unislamic. Now there were two reactions expected. One from the secularists and another from the so-called hindutva organizations. If one thinks that both these camps would fight over the issue, one will make a mistake. They will certainly fight each other but their basic understanding of the issue is inherently the same.

Should the state force a song on its citzens or not is purely a state affair and hence must be dealt with true secularism. It is certainly a right of people to study a religion and declare something “unislamic”, “unhindu” or “blasphemy”. But I dont see a need for the state to bother about what does a book say about things which are not at all religious.

But see how the secularists respond. They are shocked. They now instead try to prove that “Vande Mataram” is in coherence with Islam. How the Quran should be interpreted in order to make it look like something that permits Muslims to sing vande mataram. Using religious arguments to counter religion’s attack on secularism is the mistake that the have been doing for a long time.

Imagine tomorrow the same organization gives away a fatawah saying “frisking muslims is unislamic” will the government refer to Quran and argue with them that it is not the way to interpret Quran? Shouldnt it say “If it is unislamic, so be it.” ? Failure of our leaders to do so has costed us so much. Instead the secular camp has bent before the Communal demands of various religions from time and now.

If someone considers RSS and similar organizations to be the nemesis of Secular camp they will be making a gross mistake. The Sar-Sanghchalak says

I don’t think any religion is against desh bhakti. To say Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram is not like a religious puja or idol worship.

Isnt this the same thing? Now I hear that Sangh has also offered to translate Vande Mataram in Urdu. The difference between the secular and RSS approach apparently has absolutely no difference. And both these approaches are essentially deviating from the secular principles over which we are supposed to function.

By using such arguments the leaders are actually legitimizing the “living by the book”. In a long run the public is only going to demand that the state policies be modeled on these books that are written thousand year old.



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