Holiday Plans

Exams are almost over. My biggest tension is over. The tension was a bout a subject “Introduction to Probability and Linear Algebra”. I cleared it with a CC grade (just honorably passing). Now here is my plan for december.

1. Attend a workshop on 27th of Nov. It’s about a programming language called SCADE which is mostly used in embedded systems domain where safety is primary concern. e.g. Nuclear Reactor and Aviation.

2. Attend and help organize a workshop called E-Yantra. I happen to be a part of this nationwide project where we will be deploying robots in various Indian engineering colleges and help student’s learn robotics in a fun way.

3. Deliver a group seminar on Artificial Intelligence in a “Bridge Game”. Yup thats a cards game.

Now comes a real list.

4. Wander aimlessly and alone in Mumbai city Malls and Railway stations.

5. Drink Tea/Coffee on the top most floors (usually the food courts) observing the people around.

6. Listen to Hotel California while travelling to the last Local train station from CST.

7. Go Home!

8. Another “Discover Goa” expedition on my pulsar.

9. Travel to north india without any money in pocket. (The most unlikely to get realise plan)

10. Do something I have feared the MOST over last few years.

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