The glorified beggar

We often read how a beggar was actually rich and how an apparently rich man was actually a destitute. But have you heard the case where a beggar went begging in style and glamour? Have you heard the news that his begging procedure was considered as an honor and how he receive astute media attention ? If you havent heard this news than probably you are one of those smart people who dont watch much of a news.

The beggar had gone there with all his henchmen. He had wine and what not. And yeah he cried for help too officially and thousands of camera’s clicked that moment of glory. The media person did not miss a single detail of the event. How the beggar was received at airport, how all were present what clothes did they wear? What color carpet was put? What was the menu for dinner and so on.

I am not sure if India TV had any special report on astrological significance of this remarkable even in world history.

Need a taste of their dinner ?

‘Pumpkin Pie Tart Pear Tatin Whipped Cream and Caramel Sauce’ was on their desert; and finally they were served ‘Petits Fours and Coffee Cashew Brittle Pecan Pralines Passion Fruit and Vanilla Gelees Chocolate-Dipped Fruit’.

Oh yeah and what did the beggar get? Did het get what had begged for ? He got carpet, ceremony dinner and what else? That question my dear friend can be answered only in the classic hindi phrase. Besides all these things the only thing that the beggar is likely to get is “Bambu (बम्बू)”.

Enough of sarcasm? By the time you have figured out that I am talking about Manmohan Singh look at the irony. I am his own countryman. I have no respect for him and I am using possibly the most derogatory references for him. For last one year he and his men have been begging to the world. Please punish the 26/11 culprits.

From Myanmar to Bangladesh and not to mention Pakistan has screwed India at every front in all possible ways. Let us leave chine. It has grown to be such an giant that it can crush India anytime it wants. India on other hand continues to lose and perish.

Contrast this with China’s approach. Obama arrived in China without much of fanfare. He had many things to explain to the Chinese counterpart. America’s $ is now fully dependent on China. Dalai Lama was denied entry in White House after China pulled a few strings here and there. Sooner of later US will declared Arunachal as China’s part.

All because United States know that if they dont keep china happy they will hit back. Over years china has single mindedly pursued a goal. A goal to be among the richer countries and they have invested everything they have into this. Their per capita income is 3 times ours though in 1978 we were ahead of them. Economically and Militarywise China has reached so ahead that we can only dream being there.

Our leaders on the other hand have created only optical illusions for their citizens and resorted to begging bowls whenever in trouble. They made tall promises of making Mumbai a Shanghai. Only if they can provide toilets to few million people in Mumbai. I hear that there are on average 60 people per toilet seat in Mumbai.

United States know this. Thats why they too have made tall promises to India. You are indispensable, an important ally and blah blah blah. They have fed all the accomplice lots of food that they wouldnt have afforded otherwise, best of wine and probably best of women as well.

Prepare to welcome back the great beggar. The Bambu will surely be on public display sooner or later.



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