Some things will never change (My cartoon)

Few things never change when they should have. When it affects millions of people you have all reasons to be sad about. And something things change when they should not have changed.

Very few people must have known Bal Thakaray the cartoonist. There was an era when he ruled Marathi Print media through his brush and pen. Marmik, was his cartoon magazine. Back in 1965 when India was on the verge of war with Pakistan he drew one cartoon which I still remember. I drew the same cartoon in school when Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpeyi was the prime minister. I repeat the same cartoon today while MMS is our prime minister.

Things havent changed. But my frustration with the government has only intensified. Our approach to all the problems seem to be verbal coupled with tall promises equivalent to absolute lies.

Here is my cartoon.

Our reply to pakistan

Our Reply to Pakistan

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