Whom do you turn to when you under maximum stress? When you are in trouble and in pain? The answer probably is the person you love the most. I feel that there is some utility of suffering. Sufferings probably tell us the limitations of human endeavor yet it’s power of overcome all odds.

Yes, its wonderful to have someone around you who would listen to you always with patient ears. Sometimes its not the advice we seek but we merely seek an audience. An assurance though a fake and baseless one calms our mind.

And there are those strange moments when a you receive an unexpected help from a stranger who also vanishes without a trace. And sometime I wish to became a similar stranger to someone else.

I quote Arun Shourie’s one of the early articles where he writes about Pandurang Shastri Athawale

A poet was famous as much for the generosity with which he helped every one in need as for his profound poetry. Another poet was in dire need. As usual, he was helped. To express his gratitude the latter sent a quatrain:

Aisi deni dekhiye Jo deve din rain,
Jyon jyon haath upar hoi
Tyon tyon neeche nain

Ah, behold such munificence
That bestows day-in, day-out
As the hand rises higher to pour out more and more.
The eyes incline lower and lower.

On receiving the lines, the great poet scribbled back:

Devan har koi aur hai Jo deve din rain
Log bharam ham pur kare
Yan to neechu nain

The One who bestows is Another
Who gives day as well as night
But the people, they suspect me
And so my eyes are lowered

And I also remember a very famous Marathi poem.

देणार्याने देत जावे घेणार्याने घेत जावे

देता घेता घेणार्याने देणार्याचे हात घ्यावे

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