Book Review: We must have no price…

We must have no price

I have read almost all the available books by this eminent author and each time ha has not failed to amaze me. Sometime he makes me feel that reality is far more thrilling and challenging than the fiction.

But out of all the articles I have read, the series he wrote after BJP’s electoral defeat seemed to be the best. He analysed with depth and truthfulness the problems that affect any political party over a period of time. He is a polymath and still none of those political labels are applicable to him.

In this recent book which is based on the lectures he delivered and essays he wrote, he de-constructs some of the major problems that are posed before our nation. From climate change to our foreign policy he writes elaborately arguing with razor-sharp logic and without the fear of offending anyone.

He asks “Why India does not have any option when attacks like 26/11 occur?”. So true. We are left with either Conventional War or Diplomacy. Former is not possible today and we are not good at the later. India needs to develop options against China and Pakistan. He tears off Manmohan Singh’s “Trust but Verify” policy to show that it is nothing but a lie.

He cites the two-party agreements between countries, he de-constructs how and why exactly the specific words were put into it and how Manmohan Singh’s mistakes gonna cost our nation a good price.

He also writes on India’s Tibet policy which will scare and anger any patriotic citizen. But to do justice to this topic one must read his “Are we deceiving ourself again”. He makes several suggestions with respect to India’s China policy.

His essay on our climate policy is something new. He had briefly touched this topic in the book on Governance. Controlling climate change through industrial and other man-made pollution requires government intervention, unfortunately our government is not good at anything, it always spoils the situation. Irrespective of whether or not the dooms day predictions are correct or wrong, it is in the interest of India to continue to reduce pollution.

He argues that this not necessarily means curbing the growth. Instead it will force us to manage more effectively the resources at our disposal. For example one contributing factor to CO2 emissions is the fire in coal mines which is certainly avoidable.

He concludes the books by the same articles that were published in Indian Express, though these are a bit more elaborate. Shourie is one man who is honest and truthful. He posses the intellectual capabilities to deconstruct for us the lesser intelligent people the complexities of world of government policies. He does it beautifully.

He shook Government like those of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, He was among first few people to recognize the threat Islam possessed to the nation, he did not with the stupid arguments that usually come from RSS camp but with logic and honesty, his work was not criticized but deliberately kept out of public discourse.

We need more people like him in our country. People who have no price are actually priceless.

One thought on “Book Review: We must have no price…

  1. Arun Shourie is new edition to my list of favourite and must-read authors. Just finished ‘ Does he knows a Mother’s heart’. Now, want to read ‘ We must have no price’

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