Slimes of India discovers love for Pakistan

I reached IIT hostel on 1st of Jan. and with a hot cup of tea in hand I thought I will start the new year by reading a newspaper. And it was bad decision. The first thing I saw was a full page advertisement by Times of India with the theme “Love Pakistan”. They had joined hands with Jang group of Pakistan and they together were selling us “Peace and Love”.

With Aman Ki Asha. A brave, new people-to-people initiative by the Times of India and Pakistan’s Jang Group to bring the people of two fine nations closer together. Cuturally, emotionally and peacefully. [Source][Spelling mistakes are not mine]

What is wrong with peace? What is wrong with good people to people relations? Nothing. But these things are not a solutions to problems that India as a nation is facing. The problems are more complicated and require more attention from both the public as well as government. The Slimes of India and similar media houses ideally should have focused on those issues instead of misguiding the general public creating fake and superficial ideas of peace and friendship.

‘Peace processes’ that merely rely on ‘people-to-people’ contacts, “cross-border cultural interactions, business seminars, music & literary festivals & citizens meets” are at best ineffective and at worst damaging, to the extent that they divert attention and resources from the necessary project of destroying the military-jihadi complex. (As for Times of India, it must decide whether it is for a newspaper to report facts as they are or introduce saccharine into its Pakistan reportage in pursuit of its objective to manufacture greater ‘understanding’.) [Source emphasis mine]

For a media house that is capable of publishing any news when you pay them, it is a threat to our nation. Moreover the Jang group in Pakistan is the most opportunistic and tarnished in contrast with the Dawn group. Here is what B. Raman says.

There is a Tamil saying: “chozhiyan kudumi summa aadathu.

Roughly paraphrased, it means: “ If one finds a Brahmin’s tuft moving up and down, one should not presume it must be due to the breeze. There could be a hidden reason for it. One should look deeper.”

As far as people to people relations are considered, people of India always had good cultural relationship with Pakistani people may it be through cricket or through bollywood. But posing this as a solution to all our problems with Pakistan is a mistake. India’s problem with Pakistan is not strained relationship with it’s people but the radicalization of Pakistani society at large through philosophy of Islam. It is that ideology we need to counter just the way world fought with Communism and Fascism.

But on the so called people to people relations present a challenge before government attempts to counter Pakistani Jehad. Media is expected to build public opinion in a way that it puts pressure on the government to make right decisions.

Remember how Indian government was forced to release dreaded terrorists in return for the hijacked plane? Arun shourie notes that the most important factor in making that shameful decision was the pressure that was put by News channels by constantly showing troubled relatives of those in the plane. Government failed to take a firm stand on the issue fearing public backlash.

India’s problem with Pakistan in age old. It is not Kashmeer, it is not few power hungry individuals playing games with the people of their country, it is not “few fundamentalist” nor “hate mongers” as portrayed by the advocates of “Love Pakistan” type campaigns. The problem is the ideology to which Pakistani society subscribes. All the problems spring from that ideology. As long as that society harbors such ideology we will see more Lashkar-E-Toyaba, Hijbul Mujaheeden, 26/11 and lot more.

And for those terrorists media is their most important weapon. They know better than anyone to use that weapon. They have successfully managed to make us swallow the pill that  this terrorism etc. is due to “political suppression” of people of Kashmeer, or due to crimes committed by Indian Army and so on. For state of Pakistan Jehad is an instrument of state policy and Campaigns such as “Love Pakistan” and instrument to fool we Indians to believe that India and Pakistan both need to concede something to each other. Practically it is only India that concedes at each step.

It is time that Indian public realize that India-Pakistan bhai bhai is irrelevant to the problem that we face from Pakistan and these slogans and burning candles at Wagah is not the solution these problems. Pakistan has a definite strategy against India which we need to fight by tooth and nail. It is also in the interest of Pakistani people as well.

Atany Dey’s piece on the topic is more readworthy.

TOI’s cunning plan is also bollocks. I suppose they started off in the newspaper business, reporting stories and other assorted news. Then to drum up readership, they decided to print sleaze and color pictures of scantily dressed skanky women. For that and for running paid for editorial pieces, it earned the more descriptive name “The Slimes of India.” Now they are getting into the holier than thou foreign policy and “let’s make love, not war” business. They do come up with some priceless howlers and this one about making kissy-kissy with Pakistanis is more stinky than the toilets of an Air India 747 ferrying mullahs on haj.

To start off with, the Pakistanis whom the TOI wants Indians to get into bed with are not in charge of the nukes or even the army. The military-jihadi complex is not run by cricketers, qawwali singers and assorted movie actors and their hanger-ons. The constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is not interpreted by consulting those cardboard cutouts who fly into India to play footsies with their counterparts in India. The sharia — Islamic law that rules Pakistan — is not for the convenience of the glitterati.[Source]

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