Coming back from home

As you ride along the Panaji, Cancona road NH17, your mind starts playing games with you. Apparently when you are on your bike your brain is not happy with just the task of managing you on the speeding two wheels. It craves for more and you find yourself into deep thoughts.

Yes, just like life, even the rides are not so smooth. You sometimes have to break hard to respond to a sudden event and the thought process breaks. You have to start all over again.

From 12th of December to 31st of December I spent my time in Goa traveling between Panaji and Cancon. If home is a place where we stay why can’t we stay there for a larger part of the year? Unfortunately for us the so-called growth of our nation has been completely unplanned which has resulted into social changes which are already creating problems all over.

Survival is the only aim with which we are living currently and concepts such as family have become of secondary importance. If you give more importance to them you are likely to lag behind.

My concept of good life as I have discussed multiple time is all about leisure and I had enough. I lived every moment as if it is going to be the last of my life. I commanded my mother now and then to prepare this dish and that, she tried her best to please me. One her questions “whether I would like Sukya Bangadyache Hu-maN (Curry of dried mackerel) or Kismur (Dry mackerel mixed with Coconut)” I answered “both” without a second thought. And when she complained I said “I am gonna leave soon for Mumbai and you will not see me again for 6 months, you will get ample rest after that if I am troubling you now.” And that tricked worked each time even though I overplay it.

Rest of the time I sat in the Vol-Ter looking at the Kulagar in front of the house and reading some fine book. And yes Tata Sky has finally freed us from the Government Run Doordarshan t.v. programs. Now I could watch Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma and Lapataganj while drinking hot cup of Tea.

Occasionally arguing with parents over the religious traditions they follow or demanding a review of their parenting strategies they employed during my childhood is another favorite pass time.

I had a lot of fish. mackerel, KingFish, Crabs, Pomfret, Shevto, Tarale, Suke Bangde, Prawns, Tiger Prawns , Tisryo and so the list goes on. The waiter in Texas ( a restaurant in Panaji) had to confirm that I had actually ordered 3 golden fried prawns and 2 king fish before getting the bill, he apparently lost the track.

Yeah, I had bhelpuri at miramar too, but then now they have increased their price to Rs 20 from 10 when I ate it first as first year student of Goa Engineering College. The taste too sucks. I will not eat it hence forth.

Dona Paula on other hand has improved, it looks much more beautiful and spending evenings with friend has become a pleasure once again. Goa is finally giving a good night life though certainly not as good as Mumbai.

I had late night rides to Kalangute and Bagah, the Las Vegas of Goa. Got mixed with the parting crowd and walked along probably the longest continues beach line in Goa. Fluorescent colored horns seemed to be the style statement of the season and saw several babes coming out of the dance floors wearing the “devil horns” on their heads. For a nerd like me that reminds of freeBSD logo.

I was surprised to see that BSNL is finally offering broadband in my village and immediately opted for the same. For most of the people around their life continues without any change, they don’t seem to miss anything nor do they demand much from life. It’s all about passing another day.

I missed my friends in Panaji. As students we walked along the old houses of Mala area and during film festival we roamed around at night. I especially walked like crazy. I walked right from Miramar to my house in Mala multiple times in a day, I had so much time at the disposal. Day usually ended with dinner in Cafe Ria. This time it wasnt that much fun without the old friends around.

Also I made my wallet a lot lighter by getting my long ailing teeth in shape. Visited Vishal Megamart and admired their cause in these days of inflation. They have an LCD tv for 10k and washing machine for 3k. Thats incredible.

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