Political suppression of Kashmir

Some of the most influential personalities in India ( not to speak of how did they attained that level of influence, ) including Arundhati Roy demands freedom to Kashmeer. Parties like Hurriyat exist purely to hold the claim on freedom. Most of these people claim to represent the views of “people of Kashmir”. Let us look at a few statistics to see who represents whom.

A brief history of Kashmir is here for the interested people.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir are said so beceause Jammu is a Hindu populated area and Kashmir is now an Islamized area. Let us keep the communal truth that this Islamic majority is a result of massacres of Hindus and Bhuddhists in the Kashmir area.

It is said that the plight of Kashmiri Pandits is more of a cliche than truth. However one must realize that by failing to provide safety to the Pandits India has severely hampered it’s own interest over it’s rightful territory.

Matric Jammu Kashmir
Area sq.km 26293 15948
Revenue 75% 25%
Total Voters 3059986 2883950
Assembly seats alloted 37 46
Votes per seattd> 66521 49728
Area per assembly seat (sq. km) 710.6 346.6
Loksabha Seats 2 3
Cabinet Ministers 5 14
Districts 10 10
Area per district (sq. km) 2629 1594
Unemployment % 69.70 29.3
State goverment jobs (lakhs) 1.4 3
Power Generation (MW) 22 304
Annual Tourist Traffic (lakhs) 80+ 4-
Expenditure of revenue on tourism Less than 10% more than 85%
Rural Electrification Less than 70% 100%

These figures speak for themselves. Which are is politically suppressed? Which area is being subjected to economic suppression despite contribute most to the revenue of the government?And remember people of Jammu have hardly opened their mouth in demand for separation or freedom. These are the people, despite the partisan treatment they have received from government has always stood with the India.

And when these parties speak of people’s will is it really the will of people of Jammu and Kashmir?

Sometimes I feel India is a circus where elephant is made to sit on stool and parrots are made to lift planks.

Source: India Battles to Win by Tarun Vijay. Origian Source: Government of Jammu and Kashmir Statistics.

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