Nostalgia revisted

There are times when you hear a song, and you are taken back to that time when you heard that song for the first time. You almost time travel. That song can recreate the old situation around you, those old feelings, aromas everything gets created in your mind. You feel as if you were there, that it just happened and all that has so far was a dream within a dream.

It is not necessarily with songs but it can happen with food items, places, smells, pictures or books. In physics we had this concept of resonance where some systems oscillate at higher amplitudes at certain frequencies than others. These substances probably resonate with our minds.

On the other hand there are some feelings that simply never regenerate in our minds no matter how we tried. The first kiss, winning a small time competition in school, etc. etc. In my case it is cricket. There was a time when I use to wit eagerly for matches. I use to watch these match right from toss to awards ceremony. Glued to television. I haven’t experienced the same feelings again for last 5-6 years.

And there are another small things that make you feel good. It might be listening to Hotel California in the loneliness of night and in the company of darkness outside the window, or it might be as opposite as watching Man with No name in a duel with Angel Eyes in The Good, The Bad The Ugly. It takes your soul to a different level altogether.

There are certain things that resonate with me too well. I am very sure that each of us will have our own list of items.

1. Deserted Railway stations

Whenever you travel by Indian Railways you will come across several railway stations on the way that are almost deserted. Hardly any passengers waiting for a train, a couple of staff, a tea stall and lots of stray dogs.

These are places you see often but you never know what happens beyond the walls of that station. You never get down and try to ask.  It will spoil the fun.

2. Ambient Noises

As a kid I use to come to Panaji once in  6 months or so.  I still distinctly remember the unique noises I use to wake up listening to. It was different from me. In cancon I use to wake up listening to melodious birds, bellowing bulls etc.

In Panaji it use to be a Poder’s (breadman) PomPom mixed with unique roar of Fiat Premier Padmini Cars passing by. My aunt use to put on the radio vividhbharati which played VividhBharati. The only birds that made noise were crows. And something I remember very strongly is the old Fan at my aunt’s place that made a lot of rhythmic noise as it dispensed it’s duty.

3. Stories of Ruskin Bond and Satyajit Ray

These two people have strong resemblance in their stories. Their protagonists are simple men with simple tastes. They like to travel. They usually get down at those not so known Towns. Since both these authors wrote stories for kids, their stories do not have nay sex or violence in it. Yet they are as revetting and enjoyable as any other stories.

Currently I am reading a collection of around 200 stories of Ruskin Bond.

4. Getting accustomed to a new place.

For last few years I have been constantly changing my dwelling place. From cancon to Quepem then to three different places in Panaji then Pune, back to Goa and now in Mumbai. It is fun.

When you first arrive in a designated room, you start finding faults in it. You have to share it with someone. Bathroom is not attached. The window doesn’t give a beautiful view and so on.

With passing time, the room starts talking to you. You start feeling a great comfort in those 4 walls. I am lucky because it takes me less than few hours to get used to a place. Newer the place more I love it. In last 6 month I have spent nights in 4 different flats and 3 different hotels.

Cant remember more ….

2 thoughts on “Nostalgia revisted

  1. WOW….

    Poder was like an alarm for me. First thing during my school days was to get up and buy pav from poder…

    Keep posting…. 🙂

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