I am fine with blasts but call off the drama

A blast rocks German Bakery in Pune, the same bakery which is right opposite the Chabad house in Koregao park.

And what a timing? When entire police force was busy protecting a traitor’s movie. While the entire media was showing how the hooligans of Shiv Sena would sink our nation, how it important to go and watch MNIK for existence of our country.

And let me only remind again the Aman Ki Asha by Slimes of India that hugs our neighbors to bring peace.

I have learned to live with the news of terrorist attacks. After all, all my countrymen are so fine with it. If I speak against it, I will be termed as Right Wing communal hate monger (say all that in one breath).

For a country of one billion people a few hundred dieing in blasts is nothing. Even if the terrorists come by boat from a far off land and play havoc in Mumbai, we are unfazed our so-called spirit of submissiveness compels us to choose the same government which is pimping our motherland.

How many Kashmeeri Pandits were killed in last 40 years? How many had to flee their own land? No big deal. Talking about it is Communal. Rather our home minister is keen on calling back the terrorists in PoK.

But all this is fine.

What I hate is the drama that goes after every blast. The statements from government come in standard packages?

1. Dont politicize terror

What the fuck is meant by this? Why can’t we make our own security a political issue? In fact any politician who says this must be slapped hard in face.

2. Terrorists dont have religion

How long shall we be fooled? The big mouth politicians certainly don’t have a religion but terrorists do have a religion. Islam to be precise. The attacks are propelled by the ideology of this religion.

This is a Ostrich strategy. When a problem approaches you, you look in other direction and pretend as if it wont come to you.

3. Indian Muhaheedin/Lashkar E Toiba/ Blah blah behind the attack

How does that matter?  Even if the head of the organization leaves a stamp paper signed what can India do about it than crying to Mommy US? And we can do the crying without any concrete evidence as well.

I guess that is only to fool people. Even if the blasts are carried out by a group os small time thugs in Pakistan, India simply doesn’t have a choice but to shut the fuck up. Oh yeah, it can open its mouth but only for the composite dialog.

4. Intelligence had given warning

The intelligence agencies invariably claim that they had warned the state government and the state government replies saying there is was no concrete intelligence input.

“A possibility of terror attacks on some major cities can not be ruled out” will the intelligence input that these incompetent agencies must be giving to Police.

And even if police does get specific intelligence why would they act? Remember Batla house meet ? Remember Ishrat Jehan?

The police officers got a bad name despite losing their life. Why should the man in Khaki endanger his life only to get killed or to get suspended?

The very people who burn candle lights also blame these same people of being communal, prejudiced and insensitive.

I think we get all this because we deserve it. Either our civilization and so-called great nation is on decline or bound to get extinct in near future.

6 thoughts on “I am fine with blasts but call off the drama

  1. Its not the damage caused to humans, its the drama that is the food for the media and the government. How can they lose such an opportunity?

  2. Superb analysis. Agree with each and every word. When will the gullible liberals of India wake up to this media and political bunkum!!!!

  3. Thanks Parag. Our media is obsessed with feel good activism when it comes to MNIK they put themselves in the chair of judge and declare that everyone must watch the movie. On other hand when it comes to Muslim reservation they feel that “there are two interesting arguments”.

    These people are hardly liberals I dont have any decent label for them.

  4. We cannot blame this blast on Pakistan or any other country for the simple reason, we are fighting among ourselves in India. The shiv sena, SRK , MNS issue has been a great entertainer for all the countries. At first there was Hindu and muslim, and now there is hindu, muslim, marathi manoos, non-marathi manoos, marathi hindu , marathi muslim and so on and so forth.

    It is like “Do ke jagade mai, tisre ka fayada”.

    BTW akshar, i love to read your articles. Keep them coming..

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