Panchatantra Story 2: Karataka and the terrorist

After having a good lunch consisting of snails and worms Damanaka was busy licking his tail under the great banyan tree. He was very satisfied with his meal but at the back of his mind he was little worried for Karataka who was yet to return.

But soon enough Karataka arrived. From his expressions Damanaka guessed that he had some interesting information to share, but he dint show any curiosity. Showing curiosity was not his style, he always preferred to pretend as the omnipotent. He ignored Karataka completely and got engrossed in licking clean his tail.

“Damanaka , Damanaka, I have a great news for you.”– Karataka’s excitement was overflowing.

“You will be very proud of me once you hear it. King BuddhiBhrasht Singh (The Lion) has appointed me as the chief in-charge of anti-terror intelligence operation of this jungle” — Karataka told the whole news in one single breadth.

Damanaka suddenly jumped and stood on his all four legs. His forehead clearly showed wrinkles that appeared only when he doubted Karataka.

“And you expected the offer???”– Damanaka’s face was full of sarcasm.

“Why shouldn’t I Damanaka?  Aret we the guys who know almost every nook and corner of the forest? Dont we have our Khabari spread all over the forest who keep informing us about the every susceptible pray we have been catching for throughout our lives?” Karataka was in the mood of preaching Damanaka.

“It’s time to give back something to the Jungle. We have exploited this jungle to fill our tummies lets use our skills to protect the innocents from terrorists” -Karataka continued.

Damanaka frowned and started walking towards the river. Karataka realized that once again Damanaka is going to tell him a story. He loved Damanaka’s narration of story but he always hated the moral. The moral always proved that Karataka was a fool.

“Karataka, Haven’t you heard the story of Inspector Kale Panther? Arent you aware of his fate that you accepted BuddhiBhrasht’s offer? ”

Karataka knew that what will follow now, it will be a story describing Inspector Kale’s fate.

“Hey wait” Exclaimed Karataka.

‘This time I think I know Inspector Kale, isnt he the same inspector Kaale from Mithunda’s movie Loha??? The same inspector that keeps on saying “Mein Javu Zee T.V. dekhane???”

“You Idiot, when will you stop watching those B Grade movies?” Damanaka was furious like never before.

“When children will read Vishnu Sarma’s panchatantra do you expect them to learn about characters in B grade cinema? If they all watch Gunda and Loha, the world will not need Panchatantra, they will get a far realistic view of world from those movies. No one will remember us you fool.”  Damanaka’s whiskers use to move up and down whenever he spoke in anger.

Damanaka continued with his story.

Inspector Kaale Panther was a honest and sincere inspector in this JanaAranya once upon a time. Like all times in Jana Aranya those times too were filled with terror. The terrorists planted bombs here and there and innocents perished.

It was evident and clearly visible that these acts were being carried out by animals affected with a certain disease called Kafir-o-Phobia. This is similar to rabis and the most susceptible animals in the jungle were wild-dogs.

But wild-dogs in Jana Aranyaa always moved in herds and voted in herds. Hence the government always stuck to the notion that it is a pure co-incident that most or rather all of these attacks are carried out by wild-dogs with Kafir-o-Phobia.

Jana Aranya’s janata believed whole heartedly in the law of jungle. It believed  in equality. Hence it gave space and freedom to wild-dogs as well, also to those who had Kafir-O-Fobiya. However it did not feel compelled to vaccinate the spread of Kafir-O-Phobia. The neighboring Paagal Aranyaa had only wild dogs left and all of them had this disease.

Wild dogs from this neighboring jungle attacked JanaAranyaa now and then and caused  panic.

Everyone went furious about Wild Dogs and Kafir-O-Phobia except the government. There were some real good dogs of real good breed also, they did a great service to state. Government use to point finger to them and say so you really think “dogs like these can harm us?” But when it came to pampering, they use to pamper only the wild dogs with Kafir-o-phobia.

Many people found this as an exciting business. A big media house Varangana-Times (Varangana means whore in Sanskrit) group started a program called “Aman Ki Apekshaa” with the neighboring jungle.  It involved hare, rabbits, ponies from Jana Aranya going to the neighboring state to recite poetry, dance , sing etc. Many of the hares never returned. Stories were that the wild dogs ate them away while the Varangana-Times claimed that they are happily settled there.

Badshah Dildo, a wild-dog who no one suspected to have Kafir-O-Phobia and celebrated actor from JanaAranya time and now showed how he loved the neighboring jungle.  Many of his movies received funding and audience from there.

But Inspector Kaale was a man committed to his duty. He was not bothered about the reality outside. He meticulously built his intelligence network all around the jungle. He realized that a Kutiya-e-alam place of worship  of wild dogs had kept some terrorists hidden inside. These deadly terrorists were Khoonkar Khan, Akaber Ali all wild dogs of very fierce kind. They took daily doses of Kafir-O-Fobia drugs to keep their fierceness on high.

Inspector Kaale was very intelligent. He meticulously documented how this particular place of worship is illegally obtaining money from foreign countries. He sent reports to home ministry hoping that he will get orders to get raids.

Karataka was listening patiently. “What happened then? Home ministry bombed the place?”

Damanaka laughed. His laughter scared neighbouring bunch of birds and they flew away.

“No my dear ignorant friend.”

The money involved was so big that the home minister took 10% of it. Inspector Kaale’s informers were found dead in the river next day.

In Kaale’s secret diary, his seniors wrote that he must not be promoted at any cost.

Days went by, Kaale got information that Khoonkar Khan is traveling to the central cave with a bomb. He gather his man and decided to catch him on the way.

And let me tell you Karataka, Said Damanaka with tears in his eyes.

He fought bravely. No one had seen a fight like that. He had wounds all over his body. His ear as torn off, two of his legs were broken and the tail was cut into several pieces. But eventually he got the throat of Khoonkar Khan and slit it.

Karataka was speechless. “Satyamev Jayate”, “Aaal is weell that ends well” Victory to the virtues. Isnt it Damanaka? Karataka exclaimed.

Damanaka looked at Karataka with disgust. He put his head down, slowly lifted it up and continued is a sorry tone.

All tv journos claimed that Kaale killed Khoonkar Khan because his name was khan, because he was a wild dog, because the police is stereotyped about wild dogs, because Kaale is communal. They also found out the secret comments in his diary and came to conclusion that Kaale was never a good cop.

Magarika Ghose the alligator in water anchored a show on her TV channel “Face The Jungle” and cried over Khoonkar’s death. She called it a threat to democracy. Suspended Kaale struggled to live in hospital.

Mendak Dutta another T.V. journalist along with few animal rights activists launched a campaign for justice to Khoonkar khan. His 8 widowed wives and 32 crying children were continuously flashed on the TV screen for days.

Badshah Dildo made complete movie “My Name is Khoonkar Khan” were he showed how Khoonkar’s mum had given him good values.

Gulayam Singh rushed to Khoonkar’s house and gave 5 lakhs to the family. Varangana Time published his photos.

Kaale later died in hospital. His wife had to sell her jewels for his hospital bills. I havent heard of the family since then.

Karataka’s open mouth widened. This time he did not ask the moral to Damanaka. He realized what mistake he had done.

Sun as setting across the jungle, it appeared as if red color is spread in the atmosphere. Karataka and Damanaka continued to walk around the bank of river.

“May be you should try to get a transfer in Jungle Traffc Office”  suggested Damanaka. He knew that Karataka this time was more upset than ever.

Karataka did not reply. He walked silently like never before.

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