Best days of life.

Which days are the best days of our life?

When you fall on the bed exhausted and you wake up only to realize that the night has passed away without you noticing it. You cant remember how long you slept and how long you were sleeping. The day before the night is probably one of the best days of your life.

This represents two things.

One, that you worked hard to get quick sleep. But that’s not enough, you have been working relentlessly for a very long time. It is the second point that makes it so special.

Second point is, that it was your last effort because that’s why you don’t care to get up early the next day. It is the day where you gave your last efforts. It’s the day when you answer your last paper of SSC, XII, Engineering. [Some also put 1st wedding night in this category, has to do with accomplishments I suppose.]

The SSC exam has 10 years of efforts behind it. HSSC has 2 years of academics and tuitions behind it not to mention the burden of expectations. Engineering has 4 years of painstaking efforts of finding pleasure in cynical environment.

Imagine the soldier who bets his life, he is actually living for that day when the war will get over and he will rush back to his house and sleep without any fear of a bombshell waking him up or putting asleep forever.

The efforts that we put in over that long period of time is actually an investment to see that one day. We lose a great deal in the process. But when that day arrives we look back only to be proud of what we had lost. It’s all worth it.

Imagine how Tendulkar must have slept after scoring a double ton. Imagine how Bhagat Singh must have slept a day before his execution. Imagine how Shivaji must have slept after killing Afzal Khan. Imagine how Einstein must have slept after finishing final draft of Theory of Relativity. Or how did Galib must have slept after writing the last line of a beautiful Ghazal.

We all live for that day isnt it ?

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