Dreams that will never come true.

The only skills I have patience to learn are those which do not have any real application in my life. I have been writing on my blog about the things that most of the people don’t understand not care to understand. And my position is exactly on the line that divides these two groups.

I wrote about politics, philosophy, education and economics and currently I have taken a break from all these subjects to concentrate a bit more on my studies and other important work at hand.

I love lists. This blog too is dedicated to one such list that I prepare to amuse myself. This list is titled. Dreams that are unlikely to come true or may be…..

1. Fight in a War.

2. Be a detective and solve a crime.

3. Break a glass bottle on the head of a teacher I hated the most.

4. Fail in an important examination and show pride over it.

5. Burn off all my education certificates and flush them down the toilet.

6 thoughts on “Dreams that will never come true.

  1. Well, I always wait for my Google reader to show new posts from your blog. SO keep posting. And I can understand your dream No.3. I think i too share the same dream. Likely that i too have graduated from Goa. And making it worse , from RIT 😉

  2. Well, during my childhood I was fascinated by the idea of joining Army and fighting in the war. I now amuse myself by watching the war based movies.

  3. Interesting take on things. I don’t know about the rest of your wishes, but your number one will probably be realised pretty soon.
    Perhaps the time is not far away when we the people will have to raise arms to defend ourselves, given the fact that our sucessive Govt. have proven themselves inadept at saving lives of ordinary Indians.
    The question you should be asking yourself is whether you are mentally and physically prepared for such a confrontation.

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