Getting a Good SMS Service Provider

For last few days I have been researching to find a good SMS service provider who can provide me sms sending as well as receiving features on a virtual number.

When it comes to technology you will find millions mediocre service providers even for dirt cheap prices. But find one service provider worth my money is so very tough. Its a very common problem with respect to hosting. Most of them have their sites tuned for SEO and have paragraphs that read like below

SMSjunction provides Bulk sms & sms Bulk. We are a leading bulk sms providers, bulk sms provider & provide bulk sms sender & cheap bulk sms. To send bulk sms & bulk sms messaging SMSjunction provides bulk sms software.

The word bulk, sms is repeated so many times just for the sake for SEO  it makes the paragraph unreadable. Moreover I am not interested in the services of a company that relies more on SEO than the quality of service it provides.

My search is still on.

10 thoughts on “Getting a Good SMS Service Provider

  1. I’ve Gizmo5 account and I can send and receive sms on a virtual number. Check it out.

  2. SMSdaak-India’s leading SMS Gateway provider provides Unlimited Free SMS, Bulk SMS, SMS Resellers, Bulk SMS Reseller, SMS Campaign, SMS Advertisement, International SMS, International Bulk SMS, ShortCode, Bulk Voice Calls, LongCode, SMS gateway, Bulk SMS India, Cheap Bulk SMS, Mobile Marketing

    SMSdaak provides end-to-end mobile data services from back-end integration to application hosting to dedicated connectivity with the multiple GSM / CDMA / VOIP operators in host of countries.
    SMSdaak understands the specific messaging / voice requirements of its customers and has a bouquet of services and products targeted at the corporate, SMEs and the professionals.
    Contact Us

    Also, you don’t require any specific software to install it on your computer. With the SMS excel you do approximately nothing. It is very simple. Once you import the necessary data in the excel sheet you will be prompted with various message templates. It also provides you an option to create your own specific template. All you need to do is choose one which suits your needs the best and the rest everything will be handled by the software. The message or information is added automatically to the numbers in your phone list. The application links the cell phone numbers and the message. It also makes sure that the SMS is sent individually to all bulk users.
    Excel Plugin

    For more visit

  3. Hi Sir/ Madam,

    Good Day

    This is ‘Akash Lenka’ here. It is my pleasure to send you this business proposal.

    Few words about Cellent:-
    Cellent Technology (, a privately held company and situated at Nariman Point, Mumbai, is a leading provider of Wireless Enterprise software solutions in the Global market. In a short span of time, Cellent has processed over 30 Million SMS monthly and covered over 500 networks globally. We connect with over 40 direct operators. We have the cheapest price in market for entire globe.

    We provide you:-
    -Dynamic sender ID
    -Delivery Report Status
    -High through put SMSC
    -24*7 support online
    -Trail account with 3 month validity for active account unlimited validity.
    -We provide SMPP& HTTP interface for bulk and streaming traffic

    I would appreciate, if you can join me online, so that we can keep rolling the things faster.

    You can tie-up with us and use our Services or you can send your proposal of your services to us.


    Chat Ids:



    Skype: akashlenka

    Gtalk: akash.lenka

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