Youth and politics

Rahul Baba

Every discussion today seems to highlight one important fact. That fact is India is a country of young. That an overwhelming population of this already overly populated country is in 20s and hence that makes us a youthful country.

Politics certainly is affected by this fact. Everyone seems to be demanding more and more young people in this business. Congress party has made the best use of this opportunity. Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Milind Deora , Jyotiraditya Schidhia and so on the party seems to have a line up of young leader.

When you have tames the media houses of the country it takes only little effort to put adjectives like dedicated, energetic, youthful, leadership before and after the word “young”. Newspapers who publish scantily clad women advertising escort services on front page can be trusted to print any other story on front page. Projecting these people as next-gen leaders does not require efforts.

Especially when there fathers have already made enough money to ensure that their next 7 generations will get elected and will remain in news.

The False Youth

I don’t think India being a young country is a good thing at present. India, we must not forget is a desperately poor country with worlds largest illiterate population. And among those who are educated, they can only qualify to be called educated fools. (Will elaborate why in later blogs)

Hence when we say we have over 500 million young people 250 million among them do not have access to quality education, health and employment. Rest 250 million will have access to only inferior quality of education, health and employment.

What this means is that the tremendous potential that we are talking of  in fact not going to be used anywhere because this human resources is wasted. This wasted human resource is going to create gigantic problems before us as they will realize that they have been betrayed by their fate as they grow up.

Forecasting that India will have so much youth was not a difficult task 20 years back or even before that. If the government had built enough infrastructure to ensure that this man power is going to be our strength through good quality education and health services we could have used it now.

The opportunity suckers

Many self-proclaimed business gurus write bestseller books about how this is going to be India’s century and so on. They make money by deceiving young people who buy those books to satisfy themselves that one day India will be next united states.  But these authors are not the only ones who suck up to this opportunity. In fact these are the most harmful ones.

The real opportunity that comes with this “young india” is in the form of huge population of educated fools who think they are smart because they have a degree and a job in software (or other similar) industry. They are very nicely and deliberately made to believe that they are going to be the ones who are going to forge a “new india”.

These people with complete ignorance was what India was in past and what it is now want to build an India for future. As one would expect from these clueless individuals they simply don’t know how to go about it. They than read Times of India and other tabloid which feed them with virtues that they start believing to be good.

Final appearance is made by the Young Leaders. Rahul baba and company is projected as someone who is tapping into this “enormous potential of youth”. A speech is made on how India should be made more liberal, how the youth needs to be given more importance (Rahul shaking hands with young girls is the kind of importance the youth starts believing into), how we need to be more secular (ask someone to define it and they will reproduce something that will sound like a times of india editorial).

Why this is not going to work

A person like Rahul Gandhi does not represent India’s aspirations nor he is the representative of youth. He might represent youth in a sense that he is clueless about the national issues but certainly he can’t solve any of the problems we face.

By projecting Rahul Gandhi or his likes, the paid media is using the same technique that is used by shopping malls. Flat 50% discount, Buy 1 Get One Free  labels attract crowd. Only few people posses the ability to understand the cost v/s value equations in these items on the sale. Similarly the labels like “secularism”, “liberal”, “youth”,”aspiration” are all fake and deceiving they are specifically designed to represent something intangible. The inability of our youth to conceptualize  them works in the favor of these toy leaders.

What is going to work

Nothing can be down about the level and quality of education now. To thwart the evil designs of putting illusive scenes before our eyes we need to acquire eyes that can see through any propaganda. For this we need to stop relying on the mainstream media. Wherever possible we need to rely more on authentic sources of information, first hand accounts and primary sources of information.

All may not have time for all this such people can always try to listen to an alternative argument and critically analyse it. I already see this happening on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The big names in journalism are deeply upset and frustrated because the crowd on these website simple refuse to accept facts because THEY say it so. May be India’s youth is not all about what is being said about it but certainly it can make things change, those changes however should not be what they are projected to be.

3 thoughts on “Youth and politics

  1. Save the tiger. Only 1411 left! 😉 Really well analyzed and written.

    The “youth will change India” is nothing but another kind of communalism.

    There is a generational communalism in society – meaning people born comparable periods identify very strongly with each other and form a virtual community.

    It is so common for elders to say – “humaare zamaane mein…” The moment they say this, they are referring to all the people who were in their 20’s along with the elders as one “community”. That’s why any generation will keep on criticizing the next as well as the previous generations as they are seen as a separate community itself. And you shall see, all communities try to take pride in themselves. 🙂 So, if you want to flatter a Bengali person, just say Bengali community is very intelligent. The said Bengal person will not stop to think that this is a generalization and flattery, but will feel proud.

    It’s same with “young generation has potential, and it will change the world”. 😉


  2. Sachin pilot is useless. He can only run after . he is purposely forcing himself to be a victim of Rahul Gandhi’s political Gimmick.

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