Verbal Terrorists

This is the appeal Arun Shourie has made after 26/11 attacks in Rajyasabha. It hold valid even today.

“The liberal apologists are much more destructive: they are more numerous; as they are ‘people like us’, their formulations and rationalisations are more readily believed…Shun political correctness. Few things have prevented the West from waking up in time to the dangers that Islamic terrorism today constitutes for it as notions of what is politically correct. These notions have stifled scholarship, they have stifled discourse. They have led the West to shut its eyes to the ideology by which the terrorists were being fired up. The verbal terrorism by which notions of what is correct and what is not the dominant intellectual group in India — the leftists — has enforced the norms has disabled the ruling groups, and, through them, the country, to the point of paralysis. Standing up to that verbal terrorism, liberating discourse from those notions is the first requisite of fighting the war against terrorism in India.”

For the sake of political correctness or for sheer greed for power, Indian state has been harming itself and as a consequence millions of it’s citizens.

He pointed out that standing up to that verbal terrorism spread by a small but influential group of intellectual is the first step in fighting against terrorism. In my opinion there is very little scope for disagreement between the ruling and opposition party over this fact, unless the leaders of ruling party have some other motives in their mind.

Looking at the blogs and twitter even the so called liberal journalists who try to find other side of everything even when it does not exist (Ghosh and Sirdessai), are finally helping build a public opinion against the idiotic intellectuals like Arundhati Roy.

I am hopeful that this great nation will not give up easily. I am sure in its deeply rooted civilizational values lies an ability to roar and come back. I am sure we will curb the Naxalite menace soon.

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