Tharoor’s suroor and Pawar’s Power

One problem with we Indians is that our knowledge of various subjects is very superficial. I will blame it on frivolous media. The recent incidents about Shashi Tharoor using his power to earn some sweat equity for his would-be wife (3rd) Sunanda Pushkar has put him in bad light.

A minister using his power to earn some money is not a new thing in India. Also the sms that Tharoor sent to Karan Thapar saying “I have just realized what a shit you are” also is a common way of expressing anger and emotions in English talking individuals.

I am upset not because of Tharoor or what he did. I am upset because the kind of environment we are now forced to live in. It’s not just Tharoor’s hypocrisy that is getting underlined in the whole episode but also our apathy towards honesty and integrity in public life.

I heard of Tharoor for the first time when he was contesting for UN General Secretary’s post. India supported him despite the weak chances he had of winning. When I heard that he is an author I rushed to find some of his books. I loved his “The Great Indian Novel”. He had tried to put India’s freedom struggle in th mold of Mahabharata. I liked his interpretations. I thought he was indeed a good author who could be placed besides other stalwarts I was reading that time.

However, his other books, Riot, book less in Baghdad and so on gave me the feeling that the man is a pray to the typical cliches that western media and their followers in Indian media liked to present before the world. But I still appreciated him. Thats why I did not bother much to read a book like Elephant, Tiger and Cellphone.

The whole episode has left Tharoor in bad light. His integrity is now questionable and I feel that we have a good reason to believe that he was not the man of convictions as he presented himself to be. It really hurts that the author whom I liked so much once turned out to be a crook.

I don’t care whether he is sacked or not. His crimes are nothing compared to the other Congress stalwarts. 70 crores is mere peanuts. I am happy that this man did not become UN GS. I am even more happy that this man is not a cabinet minister.

I had assumed that Tharoor would get foreign minister’s post in cabinet. I was surprised to see him getting only a state minister’s post. Cabinet minister is a very important post. The whole cabinet is responsible for the parliament. not only decisions pertaining to respective ministries are made by these ministers but they have a say in almost every major policy decision.

I had realized that congress wanted him only to be projected as a showpiece. His accented English would attract several youth and upper middle class to congress was probably their assumption. Now I think his competence was probably one reason. Integrity however is never criteria to get a portfolio in congress government.

But then if I reflect on IPL and Indian politics it makes me even more cynical. People who watch cricket are so stupid. They watch it for their love of the game and their respective players. These players are merely gladiators in the ring. For the rulers  like Lalit Modi, Sharad Pawar, Shashi Tharoor the skill of these players hardly matters. What the retarded crowd in the stadium and those watching on TV think of the game or Sachin Tendulkar hardly matters to them. They just want to keep this retarded crowd busy with this nonsense so that real issues remain suppressed and they mint money.

When Sharad Pawar gives an award to Sachin whom the general public sees as God, I am sure for Pawar he is just a pretty ordinary pawn on the board.

Those who think Tharoor tried to influence Modi in favour of Kochi team must be fools. The Kochi team is owned by rich Gujarati people who move worlds most powerful diamond businesses. Not to mention their close proximity to Sharad Pawar and likes. For them Tharoor is a non-entity and Tharoor’s future lies in their hands rather than opposite.

Tharoor got caught. He is today a shameful man. But what about Sharad Pawar? Did this man never received favors for his relatives in his illustrious political career? Has he become the cricket supremo for the benefit of the game? Why did he chose cricket over hockey?

While Tharoor is being bashed up, people like Pawar will escape. Why? Probably because Pawar is much intelligent and smarter than Stephanite Tharoor with his international experience  and accented english. My ITPM prof. says that

“Maximum damage to society comes from the most intelligent and smart people. These people never show off their smartness but they are way smarter than you guys. They will make so much money, even a fraction of it will be much greater than what you guys as IITians will earn in lifetime.”

When I try to think about these power games, I feel so small.

One thought on “Tharoor’s suroor and Pawar’s Power

  1. Yup…it is the fact..It is the smart people who make money…And i think there is nothing wrong in that..If you are smart, then you should be on TOP…

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