Reading this month

May’s heat makes you lazy and I like to spend those lazy afternoons with books.

This month has a very long list of books waiting for me.

1. Personal Software Process (PSP) by Watts Humphrey

Watts Humphrey was the director of SEI (software engineering institute) Carnegie Mellon University and responsible for developing CMM standards. While CMM become hit, his other two standards PSP and TSP weren’t so popular. After spending a month practicing his PSP I realized that it is useful and has some real sharp-edged methods to keep me organized and do things in a planned manner.

2. Pragmatic Programmer by Andy Hunt and David Thomas

This is classic book where the two veteran programmers give tips about the art of programming. This book is written in very lucid manner. Whether you program in C or Ruby this is a must read book. Many of the tips given in the book will not resonate with you if you don’t have enough experience but I am sure for every programmer there will be something interesting to take away.

3. Programming Collective Intelligence

The word Collective Intelligence struck me long back, by that time I was not aware of the world of Machine learning that existed behind these two beautiful words. I was particularly interested in the usability part of collective intelligence rather than the back-end algorithms. I am yet to open this book and if I like it I will take some machine learning course next semester.

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