Why are we so poor?

More I look around more frustrated I get. Nobody seems pay any attention to excellence, every product on shelf, every program on t.v., every telecom provider, each and every government institution and service around us provides us inferior quality products and services which are invariably overpriced compared to their quality.

Hire an ‘expert’ air-condition repairer and he makes the problem even worse. Rs. 30 lakh flat has plumbing that parishes within 2 years. Pizza that costs half thousand and yet fails to kill your hunger. Trains that never run on time. Platforms so overcrowded that people die due to stampede. The medicines you buy are likely to be fake, the water you drink might be contaminated. The customer service of your bank, telecom etc. fail consistently to solve your problems. You have to pay bribe to get your legitimate work done in government office that too not without losing temper and peace of mind.

While the common man struggles with these micro level problems there are tragic macro problems. High inflation, terrorism, hostile neighbors, politicians corrupt beyond redemption, colleges that resemble whorehouses , news channels that are as clueless as Alice in Wonderland, intellectuals like Humpty Dumpty for whom words mean what they want them to mean.

I dont think this is co-incidental. I dont think its our fate that we have to live in these pathetic situation. Its clearly our fault. Our government has consistently made decisions which will ensure that we will remain poor. The quality of public services is so bad that we people have stopped expecting anything from it. We just learn to live.

Maoists with a fat dictionary , like Arundhati Roy often claim that Maoists are result of state’s humiliation of poor people. Honestly, I too feel humiliated by our government. I will love to wield and Ak 47 and shoot all the responsible, but whenever I will aim it at someone my conscious will tell me that its not one person who is responsible for it.  There are simply too many adding their own but to magnify the problems we face. Punishing them all is not the option nor someone like me has that right.

Then what do we do? To bring in corrective measure we need someone really great to come forward. Thankfully our history has so many examples that every time humanity is in deep trouble someone comes up to fight it out. Krishna or Rama are just symbols that characterized this reality. But we dont live in times of myths anymore, we need some like them NOW.

Lines between politicians, mafia, thugs have blurred. To tackle them from any side is link pinching an elephant with a paper clip.

Mayavati’s rule in UP exemplifies all the rots that have caught Indian political landscape.

Mayavati has provided a dowry of Rs 10,000 each for 25,445 Muslim girls. Why exactly 25,445, how they will be chosen, and what will happen to the 25,446th girl, are mysteries I have not been able to unravel. Of Muslim schoolchildren, 91.64 lakh have got Rs 342.7671 crore in scholarships. I think Mayavati has made an arithmetical error; the total should have been Rs 343.65 crore. That would have given each student Rs 375. But then, aside from these scholarships, Mayavati has also forgone fees of Rs 14.9015 crore from 31,229 Muslim students in classes XI-XII; that comes to Rs 397.64 per student per month. I suspect the education department of UP sets especially complicated school fees to confuse Mayavati.

Uttar Pradesh has always grown inferior cane with low yields and high costs; it has thus needed the administered price mechanism for sugar. Mayavati boasts that she raised cane price by Rs 25 in one year — more than the most reckless chief minister of UP has ever done before. More pertinently, UP’s statutory minimum cane price was Rs 110 a quintal when Mayavati came to power. By last year she had raised it to Rs 165 — that is, 50 per cent in three years. Uttar Pradesh sugar mills simply could not compete after paying such an absurd price; and cane movement controls prevented them from getting cane from elsewhere. So as a last resort, they started importing raw sugar and refining it. Mayavati banned the import of raw sugar into UP in November from anywhere. Uttar Pradesh sugar mills had 1.5 million tons of raw sugar on the high seas. It landed in various ports, and was stacked up in warehouses. The sugar mills had to pay for its storage, but could not use it. No state has the power to ban imports from the rest of India under the Indian Constitution, but so what? Mayavati was never stopped by such small things like the Constitution. It is the duty of the Central government to enforce the Constitution; but in this case, the Manmohan Singh government preferred to look the other way. It gave the millers permission to sell the imported sugar in other states — if they would allow it — or to get it refined by other mills. Finally in November, UP farmers despaired of getting the fancy prices their government had ordained sugar mills to pay them for cane. They got fed up and started invading neighbouring cities, including Delhi and Lucknow, and bringing them to a halt. But Mayavati waited until all local cane had been sold or burnt for lack of buyers; she removed the ban in February. The country paid for her intransigence; sugar prices more than doubled in a year. [source]

We are being grossly mis-governed. Not matter how rosy pictures are painted by the government and media, I strongly feel that there is a disaster waiting for us in near future.

I hope when Krishna said that “whenever dharma goes in hibernation I will incarnate to protect the good people” he really meant it.

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