Evolution of Product Ideas

Evolution is such an interesting phenomenon. Ideas too evolve. It seems that all the products that we use are evolving with time. look at every product that you use and look at it’s history and you will realize that it has only got better with time.

What is meant by better? Better means it’s utility to human beings. Researchers have figured out the point to which these products are conversing with time.

Consider three products. Shirt, Detergent and Washing machine. All these three products are evolving with time. They have evolved drastically over time. But one law of evolution says that the weakest beings get extinct.

If you notice in above example detergent and washing machine are not really the things that a person needs. What the person needs actually is clean clothes.  There will be a time when we will have self-cleaning clothes. Which means there will not be any need for detergent or washing machine. These two products will go extinct.

The end point of conversion is “Free, Now and Perfect”. Depending on how close a product is close to these three parameters we can see how evolved the product is.

Google’s services for example are very close to the point of perfection. They are free, instantaneous and close to perfect.

For making a business successful it is important to keep the product and service offerings ahead on the evolution line.

Can you think of more products that are likely to get extinct in near future?

Mobile Chargers, Petrol ….

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