It’s really up to us

Rajesh Jain had a very long series of posts title “It’s up to us” on his blog. Rajesh Jain is a famous entrepreneur who had sold IndiaWorld to Sify for $100 million. He is also a co-founder of Friends of BJP a satellite organization which is supposed to help BJP win elections and give better governance.

I was very excited to see people like entering public life. I attended events of FoB and hoped that it will help. Unfortunately it dint help. NDA lost elections very badly and then followed many events that estranged me from BJP.

However, last elections made me think more seriously about politics. May be people like Rajesh Jain are non-entities on a larger political scenario. May be Friends of BJP is an organization of few elite people who are completly new to politics. Laptops, SMS and tech buzz words probably cant win elections. But we should be happy that there are people who care about governance. There are people who are not getting carried away by superficial slogans but want to see a concrete ideological sophistication in the policies of governance. Lastly, there are people who demand high standards of competence and integrity in today’s political scenario.

Mr. Manohar Parrikar’s success.

getpictureWhat is the difference between Mr. Parrikar and Mr. Digamber Kamat? No matter how badly few people want Mr. Parrikar to come in power he is unlikely to become CM again in future. On the other hand Mr. Digamber Kamat is safely the CM is likely to enjoy a longer term in office than Mr. Parrikar.

Same is the case with Babush, Churchill, Rane and others. These people despite their worst public image are expected to rule us for a very long time, after them perhaps their sons and daughters will.

I meet many people who claim that Mr. Parrikar’s insistence on high standards, uncorruptability, inability to tolerate nonsense has cost him his political career. Had he allowed Babush to have his ways he could have still be in power.

Only retarded minds will need more arguments to get convinced that Mr. Parrikar had provided more efficient and competent governance than anyone else. But for me the real success of Mr. Parrikar lies in converting the apathy of middle class towards politics into admiration. He was loved by educated middle class people of the state. It was because of him these people today have a voice.

He created a hope among people like me that we can still demand very high standards in public office. That ordinary people with no money or muscle power can still rise in politics and make a difference that lasts.

I think Mr. Parrikar was successful in bringing about that change. For people who think being in office, grabbing land and money is all one has to do be successful certainly he is a failure.

One best thing that happened due to BJP’s debacle in recent election was Mr. Arun Shourie’s series in Indian Express whoing how a party withers away. Several political observers noted this series as a must-read articles of anyone who wishes to be in politics. Not many people in politics have ability to read and write but then in one of those posts Mr. Shourie writes about how we define success. Something that critiques of Mr. Parrikar should remember.

For all too often, we get discouraged because we define “success” too narrowly. We champion a cause; we make a demand. If that cause does not prevail, if that demand is not conceded, we think the campaign or movement has failed. The traducers certainly proclaim as much.[source]

And what happens even if the leader, organization fails to achieve the goal it strived for? If a person like Mr. Parrikar has failed to win elections, failed to be in power and hence failed to give the kind of governance he promised? Or what if the people who detest or the leaders who are against us or the leader, party give a better governance at some point of time in future?

Either the correctives we have prescribed will be adopted or the consequences of not adopting those correctives will befall the organisation and its controllers. If we have been wrong all along, and our forecasts and warnings do not come true, the sequence will teach us humility.[source]

I think thats the attitude we need to wear on our sleeve.

The apologist of corrupt.

“A particular minsiter who is known as a land shark and goon is a messiah of poor. He takes money from rich and delivers it to the poor. He gives money to any needy. He has build a 4 lane road to his house and he paid money from his pocket to the people whose land was accquired in the process.” I was listening to one friend.

Arguing with such people that what he is doing is a gross misuse of public office is useless. People say that they care little about governance. They are interested in what personal benefit that they have in a partcular person getting elected.

A very large population today thinks on these lines. They get easily convinces by slogans. They do not understand the policies that government is proclaiming to be poor-friendly are actually hollow in terms of delivering results.

What happens as a result is that corrupt people occupy the office. They screw up the governance. They slow down the pace of development, they ensure that general public remains poor and helpless while giving away enough dole to keep them happy as individual.

After all you wont get outraged due to the pathetic conditions of the roads if you are getting a car from government. You will not complain about inflation if you are allowed to take bribe in your office. If you are incompetent for a job you can still get it by paying bribe and hence you will keep your mouth shut for those who are competent but denied the job.

The apologists then establish a casual relationship between the cause and consequence. Bribes and corruption is a necessary evil because of inflation they say. They have the perfect justification for all their immoral, unethical and distasteful acts.


Dumb organisms go extinct. Thats why Dodo birds got extinct. Retarded people who do not understand why we should strive to build political systems that lay emphasis on honesty, integrity, qualification, competence and efficiency even if it costs us a personal sacrifice are unfit for survival. The kind of politicians they are getting and the kind of governance they are getting is something they deserve.

Our pathetic roads, unsafe life, overcrowded and over populated cities, contaminated water supply, unreliable electricity, unemployment and everything is what precisely what we as a society deserve.

But then if we look at developed countries even those countries did not have smart societies. It is worth reading history of united states to understand the great pains the leaders took to build the nation as we see it today. If they could do it why cant we?

Those nations were built before industrialization. Our societies have changed drastically after industrialization and in the post-modern world. If we have to build a strong nation that can help it’s citizens achieve their highest of aspirations I believe the challenge is too big. Lets hope that we will win someday.

2 thoughts on “It’s really up to us

  1. Very true…robbing hoods aren’t the solution – but seems to be generally viewed as an acceptable solution. However, does our acceptance of them not reflect our ‘corruption’ too?

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