Panchatantra Story 3 [Mickey the Giant Monkey]

Karataka pressed the power-off button on his tv remote and opened his face for a yawn. Damanaka  had his head dug into Economic Times, he liked the smell of that brown paper.

Our life is boring, isn’t it Damanaka? Asked exasperated Karataka. Unlike the television where no 30 minutes go without a adrenalin pumping car chase or a tear jerking melodrama or a action packed fight or some sensual or vulgar erotica. We sitting in this jungle are spending countless hours watching t.v. while the state pays of our miserable lives. I bet Damanaka, if we weren’t good friends with the king Pingalaka, and hadn’t we mastered the art of buttering him to no end our lives would have not been worth living.

Damanaka raised his eyebrows. Karataka generally did not speak long sentences and had he harbored the habit of reflecting on his life, he would have not found it worth living any ways.

Karataka, maybe you should switch that television on and watch the programs again. I suggest you watch National Geographic, it has more pragmatic commentary on the world around us, especially given the fact that we live in jungle.  Damanaka said in his usual despising tone.

But Karataka was not ready to give up. He wanted Damanaka to agree with him and incase he disagrees he wanted to hear a powerful story.

“But don’t you think Damanaka, we have achieved a lot by buttressing the king? We pretend to be his most loyal servants while we know for ourselves that we want only our personal interests to be served? The fact that the king is not very intelligent helps us to get away with everything we do?”

Since Damanaka was listening to Karataka with attentive ears (Damanaka would raise his ears whenever he was in attentive mood and also stop waving his tail unnecessarily.) Karataka continued.

“We have become almost as powerful as the king himself today. Because the influence we yield on the local population here, king has no other option then to pamper us. We can get away with anything that we do, we can go after the most beautiful female jackals here, enjoy the cleanest of water sources, reserve the best trees to sit under and not to mention expect every other weakling here to salute us”

Karataka had to slow down his voice as he saw Damanaka turning red. Damanaka was very furious. With a scathing tone he attacked Karataka verbally.

“If that’s what  you think Karataka, Oh the Foolish jackal! Your fate is going to be no different from that of Micky – the giant monkey from the wild jungle of Benavalpuram. Looks like you have drawn all wrong lessons from the National Geographic programs. Probably you will understand Vijay Dinanath Chouhan’s language better where he explains to the Police commissioner the jungle law.” Watch it on youtube. Here :

But what happened to the Micky the monkey? Asked Karataka.

Damanaka continued with his story.

In the misgoverned jungle state of Goupram there was a tiny jungle called benavalpuram.  Compared to rest of Goupuram, benavalpuram was a hell. Every animal lived there was very rude and fierce.  Due to a complex political equation a donkey named Pitamber Chamat became the king of Goupuram.

Swaying to every passing breeze is what keeps the willows alive. By that rule Pitamber managed to stick to power by allowing every courtier do whatever they wanted. He only ensured that his entire courtiership and the people responsible for he remaining on the thorn were happy.

Some of the courtiers sold the sandlewood of the jungle to the mafias. Some smuggled underage beautiful females to whorehouses in distant cities. Drug running was a usual business.

Mickey the giant monkey had managed to establish himself as the head of the ruthless population of Benavalpuram by beating all other powerful animals to dust. Mickey’s story was one of those rags to reaches story. Unlike the Jamal in Slumdog millionaire, Mickey did not attend any reality show but he instead married a rich female. He become right hand man of the then king of benvalpuram and at the right moment he overthrew that king who too happened to be as corrupt and foolish as Mickey.

Time passed, Mickey was to Pitamber Chamat what we are to Pingalaka.

The way we pretend to be the staunch supporters of Pingalaka, Mickey too was pretending to be with Pitamber. Pitamber being dependent on his support ignored all his misdeeds.

And then slowly Karataka, Mickey forgot the advice that Vijay Dinanath Chouhan gave to commissioner. Mickey traded on the line you were talking about.

He insisted that every good thing around him must be reserved for him and more-ever ONLY for him. He insisted that everyone bow before him. He wanted the best wine to drink, the best tree to sleep on and the best female monkeys to sleep with.

He had not sense of guilt, a feeling he had unlikely to have ever encountered, he even insisted that female partner’s of other monkeys should sleep with him. And several people obliged looking at the power he yielded.

Karataka’s mouth was wide open. “Did he really did all that Damanaka? Or is it just a story? And how the hell did people oblige to him?”

Karataka, you don’t understand common people. You don’t understand anything to speak of, you have watched only Star Plus and MTv and you have lost touch with the world around you. Common population is not an independent variable in the equation of power and existence. It is essentially a dependent variable dependent on their respective god fathers.

For example Karataka, if Pingalaka asks us to lick his feet we will oblige him without hesitation because we know that in return we get power to make someone weaker lick our dirty feet. That’s what Vijay Dinanath Chouhan’s thesis is all about. A powerful being eating away a less powerful being and so on.

But then what happened? Did Mickey managed to get away with the lifestyle he had earned for himself? –Karata asked.

Certainly not Karataka. Damanaka said.

Mickey wanted to grab everything but he wanted all in one shot and secondly he did not want to share it with anyone. He was not a very smart monkey any ways. He had clearly misjudged his own strength.

His growing power and lust was making many other courtiers in the Goupuram’s court uneasy. The reason was clear. More he takes away less is left for others to loot away. All were waiting for the right opportunity.

Mickey gave them that opportunity. A female monkey married to someone else but sleeping with Mickey died by consuming poison meant to kill rats. Mickey did everything to cover up. He was powerful enough to get police ignore the whole thing. Pitamber Chamat’s advisers were more than kind to help Mickey. They told Mickey that lets transport her to a distant jungle under the pretext of treatment and hence it will be easier to cover up the whole matter.

But Pitamber’s advisors were smart in this move. Since she was in different state now, her postmortem report could not be suppressed anymore. It was out in media.

Mickey panicked. The advisers further helped him. They wrote that the female monkey had consumed rat poison by mistaking it for toothpaste.  While dumb Mickey might have considered that to be a perfectly acceptable explanation, everyone took it for a joke.

It’s well known that none of the court member’s of Pitamber Chamat’s court is anything but paragon’s of virtue. All of them have committed crimes of the order of murder. No resident of the Gouparam actually cared for Mickey or the monkey that died. But the media with their pockets full with money given by Chamat and others created a false impression of public pressure. Mickey had to give up his post of leader of benavalpuram.

As soon as he lost his post he realized that he was nothing but a ordinary monkey. That scared him. He fled. He went into hiding with blessings of Chamat himself. Chamat was happy to see him in hiding because he was now neutralized and would be completely helpless henceforth.

People were happy because they thought law and order still has meaning in Goupuram. Media was happy with their pockets filled. Life continued in Goupuram and soon another powerful monkey became leader of Benavalpuram.

What happened to Mickey? Karatak asked.

Damanaka gave a smile. No one knows. What happens to Gabbar in Sholey after he goes to jail ? No one knows and we need not know as well. Because the story after that is not interesting to our perception. The story after that has no morals for us to draw. And I don’t collect irrelevant facts.

Damanaka, this story was interesting. It had murder, power, sex and chasing in it. But I was wrong that we should do all these adventures in our own lives. We should only ensure that the more powerful people don’t feel threatened by us. And as far as adventure is concerned we have AXN, For action HBO and for sex I have rented few DVDs.

Karataka you are getting smarter. Said damanaka and dug his head into Mid-Day appreaciating the news about with whom Rakhee Sawant is going out these days.

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