Verbal Gymnastics

Several of Goan leaders are more than aggressive when it comes to protecting ruins of Portuguese rule. They call it heritage. They use convuluted arguments of secularism and liberalism to protect the relics of colonial rule.

However when it comes to the best thing that the colonial system has given us, the same leaders use the exact same arguments to oppose it.

Goa has uniform civil code unlike rest of India. India which claims to be a secular country has different laws for different religion. Goa is a honorable exception. Indian judicial system has hailed Goa’s uniform civil code as “role model” for the rest of the country.

But look at our Ex-MP Eduardo Faleiro’s arguments.

A Uniform Civil Code for India, as for any other democratic society, can only be obtained through dialogue and national consensus. It should be a secular Civil Code which does not impose the personal law of any one community on the others.

Eduardo’s definition of secular law will put Humpty-Dumpty to shame because here as per Eduardo a uniform civil code will not be secular. I am sure he and his party thinks that Muslim Personal Law is secular.

National Consensus, Dialogue… the very same words which has prevented several of our problems for getting solved over several decade. May it be Naxalism or Kashmeer or Fuel Price hike.

PS:  Only reason I remembered this news article is because I am currently reading through the Goa Civil Code and did some google search to find out what our leaders think of it.

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