Thought for the day

There lived some great men and we as school kids and college students were made to read their thoughts and internalize them. Generally these thoughts were about how we should live our life, what are the thumb rules and what should be our principles. We were supposed to derive inspiration from those great souls.

However time has come to a pass. Only few great man are left in the country whom we can follow blindly. In an environment where no one can be trusted I feel we should teach different kind of thoughts to our younger generation. Thoughts that highlight certain contrasts and question why such a contrast exists. For example this one is picked from Arun Shourie’s book The Parliamentary System.

Why is it that, to take the obvious contrast, in industry new leaders are emerging by the year, leaders who are doing better and more innovative things; but in public life second-raters are giving way to third-raters, politicians are giving way to politicians dependent on criminals, and the latter to criminals-who-have-become-politicians?

Why is it that while our entrepreneurs are venturing into newer and newer fields, that while they are registering conquests in more and more distant countries, that while they are thinking and planning farther into the future and transforming their operations today so that they may outdo the world in the distant future, why is it that while in one sphere we see these features, in the other sphere, our politicians are stoking ever narrower sections, why is their horizon becoming shorter and shorter?

8 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. I think the problem is that the ‘skills’ required to become a politician is not necessarily what makes a good civil servant/official. A good example is Shashi Tharoor. That barrier is always going to prevent capable people from venturing into politics. Manmohan Singh is an exception and I hope his example paves the way to address this problem. Bringing in Nandan Nilekani to his cabinet is a good start.

  2. Singh is not a Lok Sabha member. He probably could have never won the elections or been successful in politics. Yet, he is the PM now, due to whatever circumstances.

  3. I dont see why people look at him as a good PM. Name one instance where he showed any qualities of a “leader”. He is silent on the most important issues. Again, less of his fault. He is just a cut out of a man, a place holder. He has no authority and in case he has it he has not asserted it any time. He appears to be a consultant merely expressing his opinions on matters that matter the most.

    He is a PM not because he has the ability but because he is pitiable.

  4. Nuclear deal (it is very underrated), handling of Mumbai terror attacks, diplomacy, US-India relations, consistent GDP growth of 8-9% to name a few. He is globally respected and has much more credibility than any other Indian politician.

    His speeches might not be rhetorical. But that is exactly the need of the hour. Practical policies and long term thinking. It takes a lot of grace to stay away from the rhetorical line and put your head down and keep working on the essentials. I do agree that he has been silent on some issues like Kashmir and so on. But again, nobody really knows what to do with that problem.

    The fact is that we do not have a better alternative to Singh. We have all seen how rusty that ‘loh purush’ Advaniji is. While I was a BJP supporter early on, I realized later on that its divisive politics is only going to dig us deeper into the chasms.

  5. All the achievements you have stated are nothing but propaganda. In fact from Nuke deal to the so called 8% GDP growth everything is disaster for India. India has already become a Banana republic and our PM gets nothing but dinners with lot of media frenzy.

    Indian middle class is unable to see through Manmohan’s ineptitude is probably because they are stupid or they share the same qualities such as Manmohan Singh, namely “this needs to be done but who is going to do it is unknown”.

    Atanu has far better arguments than anyone else, you may read it here.

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