Ayan Hisri Ali on Clash of Civilizations

India is supposed to be one of the oldest surviving civilization. However weakly, we are still surviving. Some of the Indians are working hard at making that adjective “surviving” part of history.  Indian civilization once spanned a vast geographical region right from Afghanistan to Myanmar. Today only a smart of it is living on the principles of Indian Civilization.

Despite the great diversity of ideologies, religions and beliefs India of those times was much more peaceful until the religion of peace arrived on the scene. Soon the distinction between believer and infidel was clear and the religion of peace used it’s tried and tested formula of bringing peace to the sub-continent. It involved silencing the infidels and cutting their throats wherever they could be found. It was dictated by the prophet/god himself.

Today out subcontinent has three nations one is properly failed nation posing threat to the entire world. Another is fast reaching the fate of first with greater capability of destruction and third is living like a parasite on India. These countries with their “peaceful” ideology could not give peace to their citizen and instead pose a danger to India and rest of the world. Some parts of India are on its way to recede in same direction. [Link, Link]

The few remaining infidels of India are sooner or later going to fall prey to the same hysteria that established states like Pakistan and Bangladesh and the one that’s going on in Kashmeer. It is convenient to say that religion has nothing to do this, it’s about few selfish people and so on but these arguments are not at all convincing.

India did not benefit from the free market for the large part of last century because it decided not to take side of western nations. Today we pay the price for Nehru’s mistakes with poverty. Today India votes in support of Saudi Arabia against Israel, today India sends aid to Pakistan, today India welcomes illegal migrants from Bangladesh, today India shuts it’s eyes to ethnic cleansing of Pandits in valley. Tomorrow we are going to pay the price with may be another disaster.

The bottom line is evident. Ayan Hisri Ali the brave woman who has been fighting Islam writes on WJS about the theory of clash of civilizations and how its relevant with the current situation globally. I think the concluding paragraph must resonate with Indian a little more than the rest of the article.

Our civilization is not indestructible: It needs to be actively defended. This was perhaps Huntington’s most important insight. The first step towards winning this clash of civilizations is to understand how the other side is waging it—and to rid ourselves of the One World illusion.

The fact that India is oldest surviving civilization need not mean that it will survive on its own for next few centuries because the world we live in today is so much different that last several 10s of centuries. It is time that we get our-self out of the rosy picture we have created about our own existence and learn to fight for survival.

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