How often are we close to failures?

A lot has been said about CWG these days. Apparently the 20k crore + project is a failure.

But thinking of that I wonder how close are we to failures often? If I think for myself I consider my undergraduate studies as complete failure. The college was a failure because it failed to harness the potential of students. But they managed to get 75th rank all over India. I dint deserve to get the degree given what I studied and I too was a failure but then I too ended up getting a degree.

In several subjects I take here sometime I manage to pass even though my heart tells me that I deserve a sure shot FR. I end up getting an AA even though I know in my heart that I haven’t put enough efforts but purely managed to put on a good show.

When it comes to writing software I always wonder if the piece of code I write is usable for someone else. 90% of the code I write goes into oblivion without anyone else using it. Well the half a million pound project I worked on with my previous employer, which was a startup dint see the day of light despite the tremendous efforts that were put into it.

Many of my freelancing projects were delivered and were put to use too. One just featured on the rediff homepage. But then when I look at the quality of the code I personally find it sub standard. There is always a possibility to improve.

I have taken by bread and butter job seriously. is a MHRD project that I work on. I am maintaining their website and the objective is to make it popular among all students. I am using resources that very would ever get their hands on. Two-way SMS API, Rackspace Cloud, Google Adwords, Press, Free T-Shirts to the user and so on. Let’s see how I can pull this on.

I feel most of the times we fail, our failures dont get highlighted because they are smaller in magnitude or we work in an environment where other seem to fail as many times as you can.

CWG’s failure is grand because the money involved was grand. Also, other nations who organize such events put up a good show compared to what our leaders have managed. CWG is not Indian leader’s only grand failure. Indian leaders have failed n number of times. The best example is once we were compared to china on every parameter. Today China is supposed to be 20 years ahead of us. We did not notice.

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