Koenraad Elst’s interview on Ayodhya Verdict

Koenraad Elst has been my most reliable resource when it comes to the whole RJM issue. He has written several books on this topic and all of them are splendid.

As soon as the verdict was out I was visiting his blog everyday to understand his response. He did write one.

I have always wondered why Indian don’t seem to pay much attention to the issues that affect their life the most. The media too seems very frivolous. Most of the experts who write in papers and who come on television generally seem very moronic. There are very few people like Mr. Elst who are intellectually honest and competent.

I was very happy to find the 6 part interview of Mr. Elst with respect to the Ayodhya verdict. No TV channel invited this authority for any tv debate, they instead invited some sundry Hidutva-vaadi.

Whole interview can be seen here.

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